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The Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Plot Pages!
Electronic Classroom
Index I: The Plot Laid out for one and all- the History, Pictures, Maps... Celebration... note
                                animateWhat Harvest Half so Sweet Is (6k) John Cowles
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Bibliography & Research
the Ritual-
How to celebrate!&
Bonfire Societies
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BombLink What the heck? The Gunpowder Plot in a nutshell. The Historical record of the plot 
BombLinkThe Kings Book-The Government Account that informed the reaction of the Nation
BombLink The First reaction to the plot the sermon preached the Sunday after the plot. What was the inital reaction from William Barlowe? Five days later?
BombLink The First Commissioned Sermon How should the Deliverance First Celebrated and why? 
BombLinkWhat did Gunpowder have to do with it? History of Gunpowder. In the Plot, and in Celebration. 
BombLink Sermon of John Edwards, Cambridge 1709-1710
BombLink I like Pictures-do you  have any? Images of the Plot -Plotters, Structures, Cartoons!   
BombLink How do I get there? Click-able map of the route of the Conspirators as they fled London. 
BombLinkThe History of the Celebration-Sermons, Events,Publications,Prayers,Bells,Burnings...
BombLinkFawkes the Plot and Celebration on Stage in the Theater
BombLinkWas Fawkes a Goodie or a bad Actor-Explore changing trends in the early 19th century just click here!
BombLinkWhat did this mean to the British in Centuries Following the Plot A 19th Century Tract Explains All
 BombLinkAn American View:Deeds Worth Telling click here
BombLink A Sermon that marked the transition from the wonder and awe of God's Deliverance to human politics
BombLink You must be making this stuff up as you go along! Bibliography and reference list. 
BombLink How come I never heard of this stuff? Writings and links relevant to Gunpowder Plot. 
BombLink But isn't there any new research or writing on this topic? Reviews and recent articles about the Plot and related issues. 

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Celebrations and the Ritual- Bonfire Societies

BombLinkThe Ritual! Of Course you will want to celebrate. Ok! Here is the Ritual! Find out what you Have to do. 
BombLink And they celebrate this? Guy Fawkes Day world-wide-The History and folklore of the celebration. 

BombLinkThe First Thanksgivin? Really? How did this relate to thanksgiving in America-turkey day
BombLink What are these "Bonfire Societies? I want to make a good fire How? Bonfire Societies, and Bonfires! 
BombLinkYes Even in the United States! Importance of the Plot  and Celebration in the U.S.A 

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BombLinkIf I had the chance, I'd give YOU a piece of my mind! Feedback and guest log. 

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