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Midi Music Thomas Campion,1567-1620, "Suite in D-min: Tombeau," 9k 
We once maintained a set of links here however, we have found it to be extremely difficult to keep up with the constant changes of the Web and we now invite you instead to utilize the  search engines which we have linked below  to search the web for key words relating to the Plot. Good Luck!
Here are a few key words-use them on the search engines on he right:
          Guy Fawkes
             Bonfire Night
             Gunpowder Plot
             James I / VI
             Houses of Parliament
             Henry Garnet

Places to Search the Web and Internet....
  • Alta Vista -
  • Archie - search FTP sites
  • Ask Jeeves -
  • DogPile-
  • Excite -
  • Infoseek -
  • Infospace -
  • Google -
  • -
  • Hot-Bot -
  • Librarian's Index to the Internet --
  • Lycos -
  • Metacrawler -
  • -
  • Northern Light -
  • Open Text -
  • SavvySearch -
  • The WebCrawler -
  • Yahoo -
  • Search GopherSpace for Information with Veronica
  • Search for Gophers by Name
  • Dejanews -





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