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The celebration of the Gunpowder Plot has been a critical force in the development of history since its discovery in 1605. I have attempted to suggest some points regarding the analysis of that force. This is very much a work in progress and I would suggest that you stop back from time to time to see how it is evolving. Additionally I have provided references for this analysis. They are divided into the categories you find here below. 

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Analysis of Celebration

The Gunpowder Plot as a vehicle, foundation and resource for Celebrations and Cultural Productions both Individual and cultural, Material and Abstract.

There is a great difference between the study of history and the study of the celebration of historical events. Celebrations are conducted, organized, planned and supported by a wide range of individuals and groups for a wide range of purposes. Celebrations are produced by a complex web of interaction between groups, organizations and structures with reference to functions, purposes, goals and resources. Celebrations are also dynamic. They change through time. Celebrations are also important causal forces which inform change on many levels.

The task of celebration is to disclose universal mysteries and wonders such as the change of seasons, deliverance's and the inequities of political and economic life. It is only by disclosing these mysteries via celebration that people can get out of their way, and, manipulate them for the common good through preparation and strengthening of national unity and common resolve. A celebration can disclose many mysteries. It is important that we view the mysteries through the celebration. If this is not the case all we have is celebration for its own sake, purposeless and without benefit.

Celebrations flourish best when they serve a wide range of needs and functions. Celebrations do not contradict or distort history they reassemble it . History when used by celebration is plastic. Its elements can be re-cast into almost any shape. Celebrations are also as malleable as clay. Composed of the basic elements of history; held in popular suspension by individuals cultures and sub-cultures, celebrations conform to the imprint of ongoing history as soft clay is imprinted by the tire tread. Likewise celebrations also define the roadways of history defying even the best tire to pass by un punctured or unhindered. Celebrations therefore become the interface between raw humanity, cultures and groups and the mechanisms which propel and shape historical events: cultural productions, states and institutions. They can be both catalyst and fuel for change. Sometimes they are consumed by history other times they act to bring about its very creation. Celebrations often emerge unchanged and even benefit from this interaction through complex elaboration.

It is often stated that celebrations are possessed or owned by one group or another. This may be the case as often the groups which identify with  a celebration  change through time however, it is perhaps just  appropriate to see the celebration as possessing or influencing people. Even  when they are hidden deep within the cultural baggage celebrations still remain dynamic and may emerge to motivate and influence individuals and groups at any time.

What are we as observers to make of it all? If we are to make the most of our study of celebration we must inquire of its diverse functions. How do celebrations serve the diverse human groups and interests which maintain and structure them? We must be careful not to assess celebrations only in terms of history itself for it has been most lost with the working of the clay. Our analysis must not only unlock the complex relationships between groups and celebrations but we must move forward by understanding how we can work in our time with the clay so as to use the stuff of history via the transformation of celebration to make our own imprint and to structure our future.

It is interesting to note that prior to the celebrations which were to lead to the American revolution that celebrations of the 5th of November in England had already become opportunities for competition between the political parties which were to replace both royal and religious parties in the political arena.


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