The First Celebration

The first celebration of the deliverance of the Nation, the People, the King and the Parliament occurred following the discovery of the plot in 1605. The first sermon preached to a king was composed and delivered by Lancelot Andrewes in 1606. (Sermons Preached upopn the V of Novembe , in Lancelot Andrewes, XCVI Sermons, 3rd. Edition (London,1635) pp. 889,890, 900-1008 )
From this the first of a long series  of sermons preached to and commissioned by English monarchs  it  is hoped that we might obtain insights concerning the nature of the celebration which has lasted throughout the centuries.

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How did it all begin? and How should we continue our celebrations in the tradition of the original?
We present the original sermon of 1606 for you to consider how the first celebration was framed and justified. When time permits we will insert commentaries which highlight some of the points made.
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