Clothing In Guy Fawkes' Day
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  Midi Music Thomas Campion, 1567-1620, "Fire! Fire!," 7k Lyrics

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 It was a time of magnificent costume which provides even more drama to the celebration! How to dress your image of Guy for the Bonfire in perfect period costume! Do you have an image of one of your "Guys"? If so let us know and we will post it here. Hopefully we can build up quite a good rogues gallery! 

Just for You! A Fashion Show

 We at the Gunpowder Plot Tailor Shop have convinced some of our elegant patrons to take time from their busy day at court to show some of our best designs. Remember our motto: 

"We Sell No Cabbage" 

Cabbage in the 17th Century meant scraps or rags. 

Woodcut 1568
We make fine farthingales and jerkins as well as clothing for both men and women. We do not however do linen smocks, shirts,ruffs or other neckwear but we can provide the name of a very good seamstress. No women are employed in the shop. We will gladly pick your old gown to pieces or measure you anew on notched parchment but for a fair price we will measure you up and construct a very durable toile (fabric model) which can be sent to the specialist of your choice at home or abroad.
Flame Step right up and enter the show! 
Arnold,Janet, Patterns of Fashion, The cut and construction of clothes for men and women c. 1550-1620, Drama Book, New York,1995.
Flame Download a coloring page of men's and woman's clothing. 

Some Links to Clothing of the Age of Elizabeth

 We know it changed under James, but not much is available yet. Have you got any leads? Send us an e.mail click here  Interested in clothing? Check out these links! 
How do you dress your Guy? Let us know! 
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