Follow the Footsteps of the Conspirators
  Midi Music Adrian Willaert, c.1490-1652, "Le dur travail," 5k

The Route taken by the fleeing Conspirators as they Left London.


Our map begins at Dunstable, roughly thirty four miles from London

Ashby St. Ledgers: Motoring

Home of Catesby. The house was to be the focus for the hunting party which was to become the rising in the Midlands. It was his Mother's house. On a foul dark night the weary fugitives met in a sheltered field on the estate. Catesby sent for Robert Winter who met him in the fields. They then departed for the 6 mile ride to the inn at Dunchurch.  

Dunchurch: Motoring

At the Inn at Dunchurch, on the edge of Dunsmore Heath, south of Rugby, the band was to launch the rising. They arrived there at about 8:00 P.M. Tired and wet, the conspirators did not stay long but set out with a force of not more than fifty horse, into the night. The A.A. Gazetteer (1965) describes the "Guy Fawkes House", formerly the Old Lion Inn. Upon word of the success of the plot the conspirators were to have set out to sieze the Princess Elizabeth from nearby Combe Abbey. This was not to be.

Warwick: Image, Motoring

The band reached Warwick in the early hours of November 6, Wednesday. A critical error was made when Catesby lead the band to break into Warwick castle to obtain fresh horses. This raised an alarm and the Sheriff of Warwickshire, Sir Richard Walsh, was on their trail.

Norbrook: Motoring

The Conspirators reached Grant's home at Norbrook where they met Rookwood and where Grant provided them with a cache of weapons. From Norbrook Catesby notified Father Garnet who was at Coughton Court with Lady Digby. Arriving at three A.M. the band was about 17 miles South of Norbrook at sunrise.

Clopton: Motoring

Clopton was rented from Lord Carew by Abrose Rookwood for a base in the Midlands. Lord Carew was a good friend of Cecil. Rookwood was to provide the horses for the rising.

Coughton Court: Image, Motoring, Detailed Map

After Mass in a secret room above the gatehouse, Lady Digby received Bates who carried a letter from Catesby to Father Garnet summoning him to join the band. Father Garnet, fearing the consequences, refused and stayed with Lady Digby who had broken down with the news. Father Tesimond, however, rode out with Bates to join the band. Lady Digby recovering from the shock sent James Garvy with fresh horses for the conspirators.

Huddington: Image, Motoring

(5 Miles S.E of Droitwich Worcester) Through the November rain the band reached Huddington between noon and two P.M. November 6. Huddington was Robert Winter's house. Winter would not be convinced to draw John Talbot of Grafton Manor to the North to join the plot. The band had lost many men to desertion. These deserters were captured leading the Sheriff onto the fresh trail. At Huddington Thomas Winter, Bates and Father Tesimond join the now very desperate band. From Huddington, Catesby trys, through Tesimond, to enlist the support of Thomas Abingdon at nearby Hindlip Manor. Abingdon politely refused. At 3 A.M. Catesby roused his brave band now less than forty in number. They all head Mass and took communion from Father Nicholas Hart and departed before sunrise. It was Thursday the 7th of November.

Hewell Grange: Motoring

It was 12 miles from Huddington to Hewell Grange, Lord Windsor's home. He was the brother of John Talbot. The band reached Hewell at noon. There mission at Hewell was not to obtain assistance but to plunder the house for weapons and gunpowder. They knew Lord Windsor would be away to London for Parliament. Even the local villagers would not join the band.

Hagley Hall: Motoring

On their way from Hewell bound for Holbeach House, the band took what is now the A 491. On their journey they passed below Hagley Hall, home of Humphrey Litleton. Hagley later was the refuge of the Winters before their capture.

Holbeach House: Image, Motoring

Home of Stephen Stephen Littleton, Holbeach House was twenty two miles from Hagley, just across the Staffordshire border and two miles above Kingswinford. The Band reached Holbeach house at 10 P.M. It was here that Sir Richard Walsh, High Sheriff of Worcestershire, caught up with them and where the dramatic show down would occur which would bring the plot to a close.

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