Music and Dance of the Period
Engraving Dancers from; John Playford, 
The English Dancing Master, 1651
Music of the period was very much a part of life. It was also quite regional and ranged from Celtic harping and Gaelic ballads to European inspired court music. Music and dance were critical to the definition of social standing.

Musical artifacts formed part of the environment in which the celebration of the plot was constructed. Musical artifacts are also the physical representations of feelings and emotions and combinations of feelings and emotions together perhaps best termed states of mind. Like stage sets these complex sets of artifacts were linked to others as the action of a drama move in and out of and are dependant upon parts of the set. We must keep in mind that over the centuries music changed. Here we present the music of the period of the plot. It sets the stage for the construction of the complex artifacts of celebration- the bonfires, processions, dinners and sermons.

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Jacobean Music And Dance

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Flame Midis For Period Music
Flame Lyrics To Campion Music 
Flame Dance tunes from Playford in Midi
Flame ABC transcription of the tunes from Playford's  collection
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