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The Center for Fawkesian Pursuits is dedicated to finding alternatives to mass marketed folklore that help to transform spectators into practitioners of folk arts and celebration. We believe that this is the most important way to preserve, extend and safeguard folk traditions- in the Minds, Voices and Cultural Life ways of the people. Active, meaningful transmission of folkways and celebrations compliments collection and publication to make sure that as much as is possible is being done to keep traditions alive and prospering; growing and developing.

While simple performance and commercial presentations can also be effective there is no substitute for cultivating communities and individuals who will live these traditions and believe in them througout their daily lives from season to season. While we respect and celebrate the work of highly trained professionals the work of preservation and growing of our folk traditions is the work of ordinary people of all walks of life and all cultural backgrounds. We simply need to design events and opportunities with this in mind. These traditions are for everyone.

Please join us in our work. We no longer do mass community celebrations having completed that phase of our model. We are available to assist others with their celebrations providing that attention is paid to detail.

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The Center ForFawkesian Pursuits Bonfire Society
-A Non-Commercial Division of Hutman Productions-
The Only Bonfire Society in North America
Join us for our Celebration of Guy Fawkes Day In Baltimore Maryland Each Year!


The Center For Fawkesian Pursuits is dedicated to the celebration of the Fifth of November worldwide! There is no reason it should be forgot! By anyone, anywhere! Learn about our activities via the main menu below. Click for Main Menu
 Picture of person being carried and celebration: 54K
A Fawkesian Celebration
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Main Menu:
The Center For Fawkesian Pursuits Bonfire Society is
Dedicated to the concept that no matter what year, what age, what people, or what place-
We See NO reason that the 5th of November Shall EVER be forgot! By anyone! Any where! For Any reason!
Join us in the enrichment, encouragement and celebration of the triumph of law over tyranny. Good and democracy over evil! and the warmth of bonfire over the cold and dark of night. Make your selection at right.

Logo of the C.F.P.: 9K
Logo of the C.F.P. Garnet's Straw
with Fawke's Signature on top

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Our Purpose 
Our Prayer/Chant
Our Badge/Button/rosette

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BombLinkNo Faux Fawkes! Video Rideo!BombLink
Remember! Remember the 5th of November!

Organized in 1993, the Center For Fawkesian Pursuits Bonfire Society is dedicated to the pursuit of all things Fawkesian! We are dedicated to all things relating to the Celebration of November 5 as Guy Fawkes Day. We also pursue the interpretation of the history of the plot and the preservation of structures, sites, objects and information related to it. We are a Bonfire Society. To the best  of our knowledge the first in North America.
Our missions include the encouragement of the perpetuation and documentation of the ancient Folk customs of the celebration and assistance of those who wish to remember through celebration the bravery and circumstances described by the history of the plot. We support no political groups nor do we wish to sanction any terrorist act. Yet, it is our firm belief that the spirit of Fawkes lives on in the soul of every free man, woman and child and that it conditions our every relationship with government. We believe that while this spirit survives that tyranny will never again come to dominate our lives.  We believe that the universality of the plot is uniquely reflected by the fact of its discovery, and the divine intervention which saved both king and parliament-that is the mother parliament of our American Congress. Were it not for its discovery history would have taken a different turn. The dominance of Roman Catholicism and the absolutism with which it has been so closely associated,  would have projected a profound tyranny. This event  would have placed the British Isles and its institutions on the path to absolutism traveled by the other Catholic nations. So therefore we celebrate the triumph of the King, State and Parliament  just as we celebrate the bravery of the plotters. Had the state not prevailed the concept of separation of state and church as well as that of the constitutional monarchy, the ancestor of contemporary Democracy might all never have come to be. Had the concept of challenging of the government championed by the plotters faded we would have never had the steps toward democracy brought by the Glorious Revolution. We also, therefore, celebrate the eventual triumph of William of Orange which occurred with his landing in England on November 5. For more on William of Orange and the Glorious Revolution which ended forever the tyranny of absolutist rule in the British Isles and which was founded upon the separation of church and state please contact our other web pages click here.
Let each and every one take the time to light up the November evening sky with this spirit in remembrance of the bravery of those who were prepared to risk all for their beliefs and for their freedom. Let us, in their memory, detonate the powder which their matches were kept from lighting as a symbol of our ability to so challenge our institutions when called upon to do so. Let us also give thanksgiving for the divine protection of the forerunner of our democracy, :Parliament, King, and State. Let us also rejoice in the changing of the seasons and in fellowship with one another as we give thanks for our very being from one year to the next beside the Bonfire.

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BombLinkOur Chant!BombLink

Composed in 1998 our Bonfire Prayer or Chant has been designed to include all of the major aspects of bonfire celebration of the 5th of November. It has been composed in the traditional style.
The Chant shall be performed with loud and hearty voices and shall be followed by a toast giving thanks for our general deliverance from terror in the past year and hope for  the year to come.

Remember Remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder Treason and Plot!
We See no Reason That Gunpowder Treason Ever should be Forgot!
Remember, Remember, that Pope’s Day in Boston Lead to the Liberty Tree!
We See no reason that Pope’s Day in Boston should be forgot by you or me!
King Billy King Billy Toss Us an Orange
You came to set us free!
A Lemon a Lemon for Bigoted James
Our Proud constitution he’ll not re-arrange!
Holla! boys Holla!  boys, ring in the night (ring bells)
Holla boys, Holla boys burn fires bright (stomp)
-The Official  Chant/Prayer  of the  Center for  Fawkesian  Pursuits  Bonfire Society

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BombLinkUse our e. mail lists to stay in touch!

The Guy Fawkes List
Sure the plot does still go on Join In! This is a good way for those involved in bonfire societies and study to keep in touch and to coordinate plans and activities. They are  free and easy to join and leave.
The Guy Fawkes List is designed for general discussion of the Gunpowder Plot and related research.
A new list has been created as of August 1999. The name of the list is: guyfawkes.
You can subscribe for free by sending an e.mail message to us. Click here! Include your e.mail address in the message and "subscribe Guy Fawkes list". You can also subscribe by contacting:    Just click on the address and search for the list: Guy Fawkes. It may be faster
to subscribe by contacting us.
If you are already subscribed click here to send an  e.mail to the list.
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The Bonfire List

The Bonfire e.mail list is a more specialized designed for those involved with bonfire societies worldwide. It is a good way to share information and to keep in touch with one another. A good place to discuss the issues and find suppliers,technicians and techniques as well.  To subscribe to the Bonfire Plot list send an e.mail by clicking here. In the e.mail put your e.mail address and the sentence: please subscribe Bonfire list.  You can also search for and join the Bonfire list at: Just click the address to go there. Those who join the list will have access to an common upload area and a calendar for listing events of interest.
If you are already subscribed to Bonfire list click here to send an e.mail to the list.

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The Center's Official Celebration of the Glorious Fifth

We no longer hold public celebrations of the 5th we will however help others providing attention is paid to detail.

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Center News and Events

November 2006- A grand celebration was held in Linthicum at the center headquarters for the first time the preparations were recorded in video. For the second year in a row Conrad presented a phone interview via Rocket FM and we were referred to in the commentary of the celebrations in lewes.

2006- We now have a blog on blogspot.coml

2005- For the 400th we exchanged wood again with Hastings borough bonfire society in England and this time exchanged beer as well!

September 2004- We continue our research efforts. Our most recent accomplishment has been the creation of a page with a transcription of the first sermon commissioned to celebrate the deliverance in 1606.

September 2004- We opened an on line store with loads of Fawkesian Plot Related items.

NEW! Visit our Fawkes Store for wonderful Plot related items! Great Gifts -Help support our work! Just clickit here!

  October 2002- Lots new this year. Plays about Fawkes, new pages about how the effigy ritual changed over the years, many many new images, a word find puzzle for kids, a virtual fireworks page and much much more especially in the area of the celebrations in North America known as Popes day.

October 2000 - A few new additions to the pages concerned with written works which refer to the plot and celebration.
                           A new Publication- Bonfire Prayers Customs Recipes Songs and Chants for Guy Fawkes Day has been
                           written and published by Conrad Bladey. This is a good short guide for children and families who are
                            interested in learning how to celebrate. Click here to order it.

August 1999- Progress is being made to  establish e.mail lists and to search for sources for tee shirts and badges.
                         Due to the loss of a server many links need to be re-established- an on going process.
                         The first sermon read to James I concerning the Bonfire Plot has been installed. Soon
                          there will be a commentary on this. Future plans for a military section are underway...

April 1999- The center brought its virtual bonfire out to the Southern Maryland Celtic festival.
                     Hundreds learned about bonfire for the first time take a look New! Virtual Bonfire

October 10, 1998-  Conrad Bladey, Center Director sent a piece of American Oak
                                an official proclamation and chant to the Hastings Borough Bonfire
                                Just prior to a procession through the American Ground the proclamation
                                 was formally read out by a town crier. A wonderful photo was taken
                                 by Graham George which shows bonfire chairman Keith Leech and
                                 other officials presiding. Many thanks  to Gerry Glenister for his
                             assistance. We are always glad to link up with other bonfire societies.

Wood from our bonfire is presented by HBBS at the American Ground Hastings just before it went on the bonfire we exchange wood with HBBS each year.

Videos of Celebration and Preparations!

Survey of the bonfire pit/earth oven


Pit Preparation 1


Cooking the Earth Oven Turkey




Celebrations! 2006


Contact us for details concerning our operations!
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The Philosophy of the Center for Fawkesian Pursuits:
Folk celebration is best done by the folk and where everyone can afford to attend without exception.


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