The Plot in a Nutshell
Midi Music William Byrd, 1543-1623, "The Sweet and Merry Month of May," 15K

Bomb LinkWelcome! We hope you will begin your study of the Gunpowder Plot here. We have provided a general working introduction. One of the reasons that the Gunpowder Plot has interested scholars and has been celebrated by such a diverse range of political and religious interests is that there are sufficient gaps in important documentation to ensure that there can be no one complete definitive account. You should view any organization claiming to possess one with skepticism. Be advised also, that the plot was molded and shaped by many dynamic causal dimensions. A simple answer will simply not work! Be mindful of the fact that the plot is much more than the product of one evil person, group, or culture. It seems more like a multidimensional wave brought forth by the actions and reactions of all groups, individuals, and forces over time. As you will discover, the plot's interest derives from the mysteries that will always surround it. So.....we tell it as we see it for now.  Others will surely differ but not about the main points and framework.  We encourage you to seek out alternative explanations. We have references to them in our extensive bibliography. Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November is Much more than just history and facts! When you are done here move on to learn of the history of celebration!-which is where perhaps, its true significance is found -click.
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Fuse and Bomb: 11K
Introduction  -Threatening a New World Order? 

Part 1 - We must blow up the King and his 
Part 2 - Now that the plot has been discovered... 
Part 3 - Smoking out the Jesuits-The true Mission
             of the Plot? 
Part 4 - Hanged, Drawn and Quartered..... 
Part 5 - The Priests Meet the Law! 
Part 6 - What did Henry Garnet Think- His defense.
Part 7-  King James reflects and concludes.
Part 8 - The wondrous miracle of Garnet's Straw.
Part 9 - The Popes and Papacy of the Plot...
Part 10 - Chronology...
Part 11- Cast Of Characters...

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