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The King Sums up and Reflects
What did King James think of it all? Learn about his point of view directly from the King's Book exerpt provided below.

"And thus these resolute and high-aspiring Catholics, who dreamed of no less than the destruction of kings and kingdoms, and promised to themselves no lower estate than the government of great and ancient monarchies, were miserably defeated and quite overthrown in an instant, falling in the pit which they had prepared for others; and so fulfilling that sentence, which His Majesty did in a manner prophesy of them in his oration to the Parliament; some presently slain, others deadly wounded, stripped of their clothes, left lying miserably naked, and so dying, rather of cold than of the danger of their wounds; and the rest, that either were whole or but lightly hurt, taken and led prisoners by the sheriff, the ordinary minister of justice, to the jail, the ordinary place, even of the basest malefactors, where they remained till their sending up to London, being met with a huge confluence of people of all sorts, desirous to see them ,as the rarest sort of monsters: fools to laugh at them, women and children to wonder, all the common people to gaze, the wiser sort to satisfy their curiosity in seeing the outward cases of so unheard of a villiany; and, gnerally, all sorts of people to satiate and fill their eyes with the sight of them, whom, in their hearts, they so far admired and detested; serving so for a fearful and public spectacle of God's fierece wrath and just indignation.

What hereafter, will be done with them is to be left to the justice of His Majesty and the State; which as no good subject needs to doubt, will be performed in its own due time by a public and exemplary punishment; so have we, all that are faithful and  humble subjects, great cause to pray earnestly to the Almighty, that it will please Him Who hath the hearts of all princes in His hands to put in His Majesty's heart to make such a conclusion of this tragedy to the traitors, but tragic-comedy to the King and all his true subjects, as thereby the glory of God and his true religion may be advanced, thefuture security of the King and his estate procured and provided for, all hollow and dishonest hearts discovered and prevented, and this horrible attempt, lacking due epithets, to be so justly avenged; that whereas they thought by one Catholic, indeed, and universal blow, to accomplish the wish of that Roman tyrant, who wished all the bodies in Rome to have but one neck, and so, by the violent force of powder, to break up, as with a petard, our tgriple locked peaceful gates of Janus, which, God be thanked, they could not compass by any other means; they may justly be so recompensed for their truly viperous intended parricide, as the shame and infamy that otherwise would light upon this whole nation for having unfortunately hatched such cockatrice-eggs, may be repaired by the execution of famous  and honourable justice upon the offenders, and so the kingdom purged of them may hereafter perpetually flourish in peace and prosperity by the happy conjunction of the hearts of all honest and true subjects with their just and religious Soverign.

And thus, whereas they thought to have effaced our memories, the memory of them shall remain, but to their perpetual infamy; and we, as I said in the beginning, shall, with all thankfulness, eternally preserve the memory of so great a benefit.  Tow which let every good subject say Amen".- King James I, The True and Perfect Relation, (often attributed to Francis Bacon but with approval of the king)

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