Guy Fawkes and his day.

  Midi Music Thomas Campion, 1567-1620, "Suite in Dmin: Air," 6k

pre-1565- Henry VIII breaks from Vatican over divorce of Catherine of Aragon. Persecution of Catholics begins and continues through the reign of Edward VI.
1553- Mary ascends to power and reverses the tide of persecution. She has 300 Protestant "heretics" put to death and earns herself title as "Bloody Mary." 
1558-Elizabeth I becomes queen and again revives persecution of Catholics. A A fine is imposed upon recusant Catholics who did not attend Protestant Church imposed by Elizabeth I. She had Jesuit priests put to death. 
1601-Essex rebellion against Elizabeth I fails. 
1603-James I succeeds Elizabeth I after her natural death and heads toward relaxed persecution of Catholics. 
1604-James I restores Recussancy Acts, with more persecution and the expulsion of priests. Pope Clement VIII requests that English Catholics refrain from rebellion. A treaty with Catholic Spain is near as plotters meet for first time. 
    13 May-A solemn oath taken by plotters. Thomas Percy joins the plot. 
    13 August- A peace treaty with Spain is signed without toleration clause. Plotter have no hope as plot moves on. 
    11 December- Tunneling begins. 
    24 December- The tunnel reaches Parliament wall. 
    2 February- The gunpowder is transported across the river. 
    21 March- The tunnel encounters a cellar directly under Parliament. 
    25 March- Thomas Percy rents cellar and the plotter's money runs out. 
    31 March Fawkes goes to the Netherlands for help. Catesby consults Father Garnet
    28 July- James I postpones Parliament, this time until Nov. 5. 
    3 July- Father Garnet receives word from Rome that a plot is believed to be afoot and that he is to stop it. 
    5 November- The Gunpowder Plot is uncovered. 
1606-December 20-Just over a year after the plot is uncovered the first ships set sail from England to North America bringing settlers who would begin construction at Jamestown on May 14,1607. Many of the early settlers were those fleeing English persecution not only of Roman Catholics but of other non Church of England religious sects. 
1791-Catholic Relief Act permits mass, travel, and schools for Catholics. 
1829-Catholic Emancipation Act removes last vestige of oppression. 
End Of Chronology 
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