Two Dances
Dancers and Musicians from Thoinot Arbeau, Orchesographie, 1589
Get out your dancing shoes - the musicians are ready to play! Here are two popular dances of the period.

For key to symbols see below:
(Dance #27)

If All The World Were Paper

Round for eight: form in a circle as:
                           * /\
                         (      *
                          *      )
                             \/ *

The Music in Midi:

Midi Music
Hands all and meet a D. back again, set and turn S. _._ That again _:_ The two men against each other change places, you We. as much, the S. Hey, back to your places _.:_ The other 4 as much _::_
Sides all, set and turn S. _._ That again _:_ The first four meet, lead each others Wo. between the Cu. on your left hands, cast off, goe to your places and turn your own _.:_ The other four as much _::_
Armes all. Set and turn S. _._ That again _:_ The first four change places, then change with your own men, cross over taking left hands and right with the We. to your places _.:_ the other four as much. _::_
(Dance #28)

Adson's Saraband

Longways for six - Form 2 lines men face women as:
                             * * *
                             ( ( (

The Music:

Midi Music
Leade up a D. forwards and back, Set and turne S. _.__ That againe _:__ Men goe a D. from your We. to the wall come back to your We. Set and turne single _.:___ Then the Wemen as much _::___
Men go all down while the Wemen group up, men slip to the right hand and We. to the left, fall even on the Co. side, set and turn S. _.__ All this again the Co. way to your places, set and turn single _:__
First Cu. goe down betwixt the 2. they comming up, the third come up between the first, then the 2. come to their places between the third. set and turn S. All this back again to your places _:__
Goe to the left hand cross the room, set and turn S. _.__ First and last on each side meete and goe back, turn each other, the second turning his owne _:__ Change all places with your owne, set and turne S. _.:___ First Cu. leade down between the rest, come with a Compaste to you places, the rest following _::___
    |D. | Is for a Double. |S. | is for a Single.
    |Wo. | Stands for Woman.
    |We. | Stands for Women.
    |Cu. | Stands for Couple.
    |Co. | Stands for Contrary.
    |2. | Stands for second.
    |3. | Stands for third.
    |4. | Stands for fourth.
    | . | Stands for a straine playd once.
    | : | Stands for a straine playd twice.
    |.: | Stands for a straine playd thrice, etc.
    | |
    | | These Characters express the Figure od the Dance
    | ) | This stands for the Men.
    | * | This for the Women.
- John Playford, The English Dancing Master, 1651.
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