Midi Files of  Dance Tunes from Playford's:
The English Dancing Master (1651)
Midis by: Eric Praetzel

DARGASCNClick Here DISSEMBLClick Here DRIVE-COClick Here DULL-SIRClick Here FAINE-IClick Here FINE-COMClick Here GATHERINClick Here GLORY-OFClick Here GODDESSEClick Here GRAIES-IClick Here GREENWOOClick Here
GRIMSTOCClick Here HALFE-HAClick Here HAVE-ATClick Here HEALTHClick Here HEALTHTOClick Here HEARTS-EClick Here HIDE-PARClick Here HIT-MISSClick Here HOCKLEYClick Here IF-WORLClick Here IRISH-LAClick Here IRISH-TRClick Here JACK-A-LClick Here JACK-PUDClick Here JERRY-PClick Here JOG-ONClick Here KEMPSClick Here KETTLEClick Here LADY-LYEClick Here LADYSPELClick Here LAVERNAClick Here LONDON-GClick Here LORD-CARClick Here
LULLE-MEClick Here MAGE-ONClick Here MAID-PEEClick Here MAYDENClick Here MERRY-MIClick Here MIKE-MClick Here MILLEIELClick Here MILLISONClick Here MUNDESSEClick Here MY-LADYClick Here NEW-BOEClick Here
NEW-EXCHClick Here NEW-NEWClick Here NIGHTPClick Here NONESUCHClick Here OLD-MOLEClick Here ONCE-IClick Here PARSONSClick Here PAULS-STClick Here PAULS-WHClick Here PEPPERSClick Here PETTICOAClick Here PICKINGClick Here PRINCE-RClick Here PUNKS-DClick Here ROSE-ISClick Here ROW-WELLClick Here RUFTYClick Here SAINT-MAClick Here SARABANDClick Here SATURDAYClick Here SCOTCH-CClick Here SHEPHEARClick Here SKELLEMEClick Here
SOULDIERClick Here SPANISHClick Here SPANYARDClick Here STANESClick Here STEP-STAClick Here STINGOClick Here THE-BATHClick Here THE-GUNClick Here THE-SLIPClick Here TOM-TINKClick Here UPON-SUMClick Here UP-TALEClick Here WHERLIGIClick Here WHISHClick Here WOODDICClick Here

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