Midis For The Period
Now all we need is music. Yes, we do have a band! Father Henry Garnet was himself an accomplished musician and performed with William Byrd and other English Composers. Sacred music- especially settings of the Mass was a rare treat for the persecuted Roman Catholics. Here is a collection of music from composers living in 1605.

BASSANO, Giovanni (c.1558-1617) Italian

BYRD, William (1543-1623) English CAMPION, Thomas (1567-1620) English CROCE, Giovanni (c.1557-1609) Italian DOWLAND, John (1562-1626) English FARNABY, Giles (c.1560-1640) English GASTOLDI, Giovanni (1550-1622) Italian GIBBONS, Orlando (1583-1625) English HASSLER, Hans Leo (1564-1612) German RAVENSCROFT, Thomas (1590-1633) English VECCHI, Orazio (1550-1605) Italian WILLAERT, Adrian (c.1490-1652) ? Seperator 
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