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Greetings! I am Conrad Bladey. Welcome to my Artcar World!
Why would anyone drive a plain car? 

These pages are about  the cars that I drive in the Art that is Life!  I am a Visionary Artist. This means that I practice art as life way rather than as commerce. My works derive from ideas or visions which are seriously undertaken. The Culture of art is primary. The Gathering of people, breaking of bread and celebration of life all come before profit. When you see us at events, festivals and parades remember that these folks do not come close to paying our bills. We need your help!
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Handy Car Wins First Prize In Houston Orange Show Artcar Parade

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The Artcar is the future of the American Automobile-Here Today!

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Innovations and Inventions

Hubcap Spinners now on our cars! Wow click

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 3D Magnetry!!!!! 
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Artplatzits- Bringing 
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Projects and Classes

Fish Out of Baltimore
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Web page of the caravan 99  click here

Education-Click Here!

High School Project Car! clickit

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Hutman Artcars works constantly to improve the relationship of cartists to the local Baltimore Arts Community-Artscape issues...
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All About
Visionary Artist Conrad Bladey
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Available for festivals, exhibits, workshops and parades and much more.....

 Visionary Artist: Artcars, Folk Environments, Horn Hats, Art Clothes,
Art Hats, Innovative Materials, Event Development, Workshops.

Awards-  Orange Show, Houston Texas, Artcar Weekend Parade 2005 : First Prize, Daily Driver. Charles  Village Parade: Best Artcar, Multiple years.And many more...

Contact: e.mail: cbladey@verizon.netPhone: 410-789-0930, Postal: 402 Nancy Ave. Linthicum, Md. 21090

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About Hutman Productions



Artcars can become
                              the foundation for a multitude of
                              educational experiences.

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How to Help Us to Be Able to Take Part in Your Local Event
(These fees are waved for special sponsors  and nearby local events!)

Note: We are not a rental car company. We are a family that has to take the time to attend your event and keep the bills paid. If we do not charge reasonable fees to cover expenses then we go further into debt. We have been there, done that, no fun!

But that said- We will always try to help anyone. The last thing we want to hear is that an event was canceled for one reason or the other BEFORE we were asked to help. If you are having difficulties with finances let us know- RIGHT AWAY!

These are ideal prices we know you may not have that much but they will give an impression of our base costs

(Local events mean within an hour or so drive of Linthicum Md. 21090 We will consider events further away so be sure to contact us for special needs for those.) Payment is due when we arrive at the event. You can pay us in advance or when we get there. Why?- because we have had people who did not pay us as promised! Yes it happens!

We are always on parade!

No matter where we go or when we are the parade! We love parades and events. We will go out of our way to try to be at yours. However....we will need your help to pay the bills and keep our cars looking good and on the road. We are not interested in "exposure" just fun. We are there so that those interested in our art can see it up close.

Here are our requirements!- Flexible but recommended...

1. We generally come to an event with two to three persons. (they help to set up, move barriers, change tires, move crowds....)  Generally events start out early in the morning and go past lunch. Some events last all day. This means that we have to be away from home for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you have gone out to lunch lately that means a minimum of $8.00 per person per meal. If you are talking festival food (which is for some reason always expensive) it is much more. Add in the necessity for water and cold beverages in the lets say $10.00 per person per meal. A parade that ends at noon is two meals as in $20.00 per person minimum two people makes it $40.00. A parade that includes evening will come to $30.00 per person which makes it $60.00. We must also be able to bring in our own coolers with extra food and drink-unless you provide unlimited free food drink, beer, sodas.....)

Costs: Breakfast ending at lunch parade $40.00
          All day parade/event $60.00 (we charge the same for one as for two or three as may be the case. A bargain!)

Tip: Provide basic hospitality, breakfast and food and drink at an event and save this fee. Coffee, Juice, tea, hot chocolate and donuts or bagels for breakfast are often provided by caring event sponsors for their volunteers. Like minded sponsors also get vendors to provide food tickets for lunches or dinners. A hamburger and fries or slice of pizza is generally well within the profit margin calculation of every food provider. The same for drinks. Just don't spill so much beer and soda and you will have all that we require. If you take care of your guests we will be much happier, stay longer, do better etc.....

2. Wear, damage, and gas.....Have you looked at the price of gas lately? Have you paid for brake work or a tune up recently? Have you seen how kids act at events these days?
We design our cars for the real world but every so often they are over stressed. We also have to put some repairs in to keep on the road. Parades are stressful-the cars get hotter than usual especially if the parade is poorly managed and sits for long periods. For every parade we check the cars over and generally have to glue something here or paint something there. For local events gas is not a big expense. We will top the tank up and that usually runs at least $10.00. For beads, buttons and parts that your spectators will pull off and for that touch up paint we will probably spend about $10.00. Contribution to the next tune up, oil change or brake work well....we will give you a great bargain and only charge $20.00.

What does that come to? A bargain at $40.00! (per car)


3. Some people would consider the sacrifice of a day of Summer especially a weekend day priceless......We could be in the sun at the beach rather than waiting to drive in your parade. We could be in the mountains. We really do want to be with you delighting your audience. But....I have to convince my family to give up one of their weekend days. I appreciate your help!

So......we will sell the priceless....for $40.00 (per car)

Tip: Almost all good event organizers donate us a place to sell things at their event. We sell art car note cards and books. Our sales in this area are not all that good- usually only about $5.00-$20.00 at an event but we try. (actually the note cards are provided as a service and are priced low for those who have forgotten their cameras but want a photo.....) We also do face painting!  If you get us a good table in a good area (where we can park the car on display at your event....) and we make more than $40.00 we will refund your $40.00.  This is an added bonus because at your event your visitors will enjoy the cars. You will see them taking photos of them. Your guests will be much happier and stay longer and have a better time at your event.

4. Attention evening or late night events. No! we don't enjoy driving home at midnight. Depending on the distance and time of year you will need to make special arrangements for any event that keeps us out well after dark. Most event organizers find that motels will donate rooms to their event to keep us happy and safe.

5. Special Other costs: We will pay no other costs. We will not pay to get in to your event or for any other purpose.

6. Refunds- We turn up unless we are told in person on the phone before we set out (no e.mail) that event is canceled. If we turn up there are no refunds. Refund will be provided less $20.00 inconvenience fee for cancellations occurring  with short notice that is less than 24 hours.

Ok add it up and send us an e.mail. In the e.mail describe all the details of your event and itemize the costs as noted above. Provide a phone number and we will call you to set up our appearance. Just click here to e.mail us:

Thank you for thinking of us! Please understand that we really do want to come to your event but, we can not continue to go into debt while providing this service.

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