Artplatz©=The Art of the Line
Artplatz-it©= Art overlays for lines-Vestments for Vehicles!
Extending art and expression to the line! 
Putting the Automobile into the Picture!
Many give significant thought  to the design of their  car. Your car is expression. It is identity, and ,status. Our cars are our emblems, our loves,  our statements.
            Not so much thought, however,  is given to the design of the Spaces in which we leave our cars.  We pull the objects of our  expression-our identity-status- our Loves into plain, dingy,  and dirty- expressionless  -parking places. We leave them Between Lines which like prison bars express only a faceless bureaucracy, confinement and restriction. 
Artplatz-its and the Artplatz  are for those who want to change all of this.
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To Change the face of the Parking Lot!
      It is the difference between walking through a junkyard and walking through a beautiful art gallery.
Why would anyone wish to park their car in a junkyard? Why would stores and market places wish to place junkyards outside  their places of business? Consider the images on the left. The one on top represents the parking lot as we know it- expressionless - a junkyard- a wasteland. No wonder people dump trash on it-you have seen it !- diapers- wrappers,car parts and trash. 
The Image at the bottom represents a parking lot transformed by Artplatz -its© . It is a place of expression of beauty - do you think you would like to transform the parking lot in this way? (We will soon have a much better image!-sun angle obscures detail.) If So Click Here!

What then is an Artplatz-it©?
We  are glad you asked!
Artplatz-its are surrounds/overlays  which fit over and cover up ordinary parking place stripes. The one at right is made of embroidered cloth in a floral pattern. The Artplatz-it is decorated in a variety of colorful and expressive ways to enhance the way your car looks when parked. It can be it's frame or it can be it's opening statement or background. 
Artplatz-its are portable and can be laid out when you arrive and taken up when you depart. You may also stick an Artplatz-it down to make a permanent statement.  Artplatz-its can be made for both lot and parallel parking spaces. Designs range from plain colors and designs to three dimensional scenes. They can  be protected with a reliable water proofing agent. How else can I make my parking place into an Artplatz? Click Here

The Artplatz©-
We are currently working on several ways of transforming ordinary  parking spaces into Artplatzes. We have found stamping using rubber sponge stamps and tempera paint to be a superb way of creating artplatzes everywhere we go. We use a tin with cotton filled with tempera paint as a stamp  pad. We can quickly close up the tin and move on. The  paint lasts while the weather is good but otherwise washes off so as not to be of concern to the management. Of course you could seek more lasting solutions.
It is important not to detract from the ability of the line to be seen by drivers- therefore your colors should be bright. (Artplatz is a term copyrighted by Conrad Bladey.) We invite you to join in and transform ordinary lines into artplatzes!  Try street directional arrows and land dividers too! Let us know  of your progress- send e.mail to us! click here to send e.mail.
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What a  wonderful place parking lots 
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