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I Thank you for looking into this on your own. It is better that way- Soon others may try to make you look at this web page and I want it to be your own choice! So now you can tell them that you have already been here! I am glad you are here. I am going to tell you about cardotswow! You have actually been looking at them all of this time! They are dots you put on your car. Then everyone says: "Wow". And yes some of them are hexagons. We won't discriminate will we? What the hex! And yes some have holes. They are fun-click for more!



Still With me! Good
One day I was walking around with my brain running and I thought up these dots. I went home and worked and worked and made about 200 of them. And they were good! Real good...Good  enough to have magnets stuck to them-that good! Well it was into the clouds from then on. Out I went and stuck them on my art car truck-its name is magnet truck.
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When my daughter and faithful helper saw them she said wow-cardots wow! and so then they had a name. I thought I should copyright the name so I will!  Well anyway....cardots  are shown on the left in their actual size. They stick quite well on to cars made of steel or iron- Margaret says ferrous metal. She knows stuff! They make fine bright patterns. We can't guarantee what they will do to your car's finish but they did not bother our car's finish as it is finished already! The real fun  is in their sticking power! Click here- and it will be revealed.



They Stick right on and Stay on!
At least they stay on my truck.
It is the magnet truck after all- they probably will also stick on your truck too. We gave them the standard test- Into Baltimore along the pot holed roads of  the land of Schmoke and mirrors. Then Down the Baltimore Washington Parkway at 65 in gusty wind and then across bmore city to the Cathedral for endurance- not a one was lost. 
They even made it through a windy thunderstorm. Just a bit more click here!



Are about one half inch thick.
They will also love Y2K and comply-all on their own. You can get about 200 of them in two plastic shopping bags. So there you are far away from your  artcar- far away- perhaps you  have taken a plane or a bus or  a truck or hitched a ride. No problem you can avoid having to ride in a civilian car by just getting out  your bags  of cardots wow- in 15 minutes you will have an artcar.  We call them-Artcar in a bag! Click for an adventure!

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