Elizabeth's Divine Rule
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The Divine Rule under Elizabeth I

The faire queen extended the realm to Wales Ireland and Scotland but such sharing of divinity opened the path to the transfer of power to the nobles in Parliament.
Far from London local rulers such as Hugh O'Neill in Ireland sometimes saw a stark contrast between their absolute power as war lords at home and their lack of influence with the queen at her court in London. Once local strongmen received a share of divinity from the monarch to underwrite their local status they climbed up upon that mystic level with the monarch. Among equals or near equals the fear of the sin of regicide diminished. After all once one was brought up to court and up to the divine plain of the monarch the struggle became one between almost equal rivals each defending the truth.
Combined with these developments was the reality of a long reign of an elderly and increasingly infirm queen Elizabeth I who had given "politick" more and more sway as time went on. Despite the popularity with the people of Shakespeare's messages concerning the sin of regicide in Macbeth, England was now a land populated with many local divine rulers. While this strategy supported centralized authority the problem lay in the rule of government being entrusted by the monarch to a small handful of personal favorites in the privy council. These few local gods were selected based upon factors such as religion, beauty and behavior at court. Those left out of real power sharing felt the ties to the central authority weakening and were inclined to rebel or transfer their allegiance to another monarch elsewhere. And there were many to choose from: Popes, Emperors and other Monarchs all competing with the English Monarch for world domination.
A close examination of motives for the Elizabethan rebellions will demonstrate that all stem from sour relationships at court and exclusion from the power sharing.
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