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Today terrorism seems to be all around us. It is always in the news. Bomb blasts, trials, and plots. Throughout human history mankind has been faced with two ways to bring about change: rational discussion and dramatic violent action. Men and women driven by moral, psychological, and cultural perceptions often become impatient with political processes and the speed at which the wheels of government turn. Humans it seems are blessed with the "gift" of perceiving utopia- the clear vision of a better world. The implementation these Utopian visions has, through the centuries, involved strange combinations of violent terrorism and peaceful yet painfully slow political action. Although humans possess the utopian vision they often do not possess patience or the ability to manage the mechanisms of government with perfection. And so the terrorist finds opportunities to act. Imperfect governments call out to the terrorist to select a more violent course of action. 
Were our plotters heroes for addressing their very real concerns with immediate action? Perhaps they were only confronting an imperfect manmade government with their own imperfect manmade plot? Is it right to lash out at the people with violence when your own plot is perhaps more flawed than the government wish to topple? One thing history tells us is that most terrorist plots have failed and that generally such failure sets back the cause which had been so promoted. Anarchists believe that we can do without both terrorist and government! Could the "people" do more to contain terror before the plots are hatched? 
All around us groups of men and women are raising money for their political causes. In ethnic bars the hat is passed around and the money comes in. Cultural organizations provide valuable forums for violent causes. Are these the best ways to help those inclined to terror to survive in and make positive contributions to society? Certainly the Catholic community of 17th century England did it's part to encourage our conspirators in the pursuit of their violent plot. Perhaps society is the real villain in that it does not do enough to recognize and help those with violent intent to overcome their frustrations? Certainly we all could do more to help government run more fairly and efficiently. As you check out our links below you will find information which should help you to determine which organizations have terrorist intent. Perhaps these organizations and individuals are those you should reach not with your money but with your moral support, comfort, moral guidance and political action? After all, our conspirators were very frustrated individuals who were able to raise money for their cause when their political initiatives had fallen upon deaf ears. Perhaps it is not that we should totally ignore nor eradicate those inclined toward terror but that we provide them alternative forms of help? In any case it is always important to know who you are funding and what they are doing with the money! 
Today we face more than bomb blasts. Technology has given terrorists more tools to inflict violence upon society.Is our only real hope in the control of the means of destruction? After all it was the availability of the highly controlled substance- gunpowder which made our plot possible? 
But can the ambitions of mankind or his tools of destruction ever truly be contained? And is it not also because this "Pandora's Box" remains open that human institutions of government are preserved from stagnation and tyranny? 
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