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"Brilliant reference books

for all the most challenging

questions of the day."

-Chip Donahue
Hutman Productions is dedicated to the liberation of important resources from decaying books locked away in reference libraries.
  • In order for people to create folk experiences they require information.
  • For singing- people need hymnals.
  • Hutman Productions gathers information and places it on web pages and into publications where it can once again be used to inform, and create folk experiences.
Our goal is to promote the active use in folk experiences of the information we publish. We have helped to inform countless weddings, wakes, and celebrations. We have put ancient crafts back into the hands of children. We have given songs to the song less. We have provided delight and wonder to thousands via folklore, folk music and folk tale. We have made this information freely accessible. We could not provide these services were it not for our growing library of publications. Take a moment to look them over.  We hope that you too can use them as primary resources to inform the folk experiences of your life.
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1.    Teatime Cookbook  Click Here
2.    Irish Wedding  Click Here
3.    Irish Wake   Click Here
4.    Guy Fawkes/ Bonfire Songs and Chants Click Here
5.    Brigid of the Gael Click Here
6.    The Good Saint Brigid  Click Here
7.    Irish Customs for Samhain or Halloween  Click Here
8.    Do the Wassail! Click Here  
9.    Tommy Armstrong Songs Click Here 
10.  Bavarian Oktoberfest Songs Click Here 
11.  Prayers from American History   Click Here  
12.  The Book of Wassail Click Here
13.  St. Stephen and The Wren  Click Here 
14.  Travels with Charlie and Mrs. Helen Click Here
15.  Charlie and Miss Helen Linthicum  Click Here
16.  Celebrating St. Martin's  Click Here
17.  Newcastle Eccentrics and Folk Music Click Here
18.  The Book of Guy Fawkes Day and its Bonfire Night  Click Here

19.  They Dared to Write Of OLD CHRISTMAS An
       Exploration of the
Christmas Spirit...,ISBN:
       978-0-9854486-7-7 Click Here

20.  Story Cards-5 Minute Stories of Ireland Click Here

21.  Wassail Cards Click Here

22.  Guy Fawkes Cards Click Here

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