The Book of Wassail

Explore the mysteries of Wassail in the largest and most inclusive work on the subject ever published . Hundreds of songs, recipes and  literary references. Plan events, learn songs. Celebrate!
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The Book of Wassail  was out of print but due to its popularity and demand we are reissuing it one volume at a time. Each volume will contain a major upgrade and will be available individually.
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Five Volumes
1-Folklore, Isbn
9780983357353 click here for details
2-Literature and Drama, Isbn 9780983357360
3-Music and Dance, Isbn 9780983357377 click here for details
4-Recipes, Bowls etc., Isbn 9780983357384
5-Bibliography, Isbn 9780983357391

Review by Mike Lewis of Chepstow Wassail Mari Lwyd:

I now have my Wassail Books from Conrad Bladey U.S.A.. This is an excellent book without question! In fact I have never seen such a comrehensive cover of the subject A fantastic piece of dedication from Conrad, full of wonderful useful information, stories, poems, songs, I could go on for a good while here. There are 5 volumes in the set (must be bought together) I can't tell you how much I am enjoying this ACE publication.

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