Two Important New Publications about St. Brigid of Kildare 

Saint Brigid of Kildare is the neglected Saint of Ireland. Despite being a contemporary of St. Patrick- He gets all of the attention and celebration. Brigid was quite important in her own time. Brigid is a great role model for children. A strong woman, she was made a bishop, founded and managed the monastery of Kildare (The Church of the Oak). She was well known for her work helping people. Brigid cured them of their illnesses, settled disputes and helped their cows to produce. She is famous for helping with livestock in particular with cows and with ale. So move over St. Patrick Brigid's on her way.  Our publications are the most complete all-in-one sources available. A grand time will be had by all each February 1! 
1. Brigid of the Gael- Primary Reference.
A complete primary reference
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2. The Good Saint Brigid of Kildare-
A General Pamphlet Guide-for families and children click here
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1. The Good Saint Brigid of Kildare-

This short work is designed for a quick reference. It includes the basic information concerning the Saint. The central portion of the work is a collection of the most important stories of the saint's life. We have also included instructions for the celebration of the saint's feast day February 1. This is a good place to Start and great for the children who should really have an opportunity to get to know this important Saint.20 pages, staple bound. $6.50
ISBN 0-9702386-1-4   
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Brigid of the Gael-
A complete primary reference
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2. NEW! Brigid of the Gael- (New and Improved Second Edition now available 3/09!!!!  Print edition  ISBN 0-9702386-0

This is with out a doubt,  the most complete academic reference book available concerning Saint Brigid of Kildare. Most complete since 17th century work of John Colgan.  A very complete collection of primary reference materials in English of  Saint's tales. This is the  largest collection of this material  in one place.  You will also find poetry, hymns, and other writings about the saint along with early historical primary references such as Cogitosis' Life, Bethu Brigte, St. Brocan’s Hymn. All ancient references including those found in Martyrology of Donegal,The  Annals of Ireland and many others are included. Click here to see the impressive new contents. More than 100 pages more!  Not since the ancient latin collection of John Colgan written in the 17th century has there been such a complete work. Also included is a study of the iconography of the saint as well as an analysis of the cultural role of Kildare as it relates to the stories.  Included are details concerning the folkways associated with the saint including instructions for making the many varieties of Brigid's cross and cross cultural parallels for these designs. You will find recipes and details concerning the celebration of St. Brigid's day, February 1. There is also an extensive academic bibliography. This should be the first stop for anyone interested in knowing all there is to know or for those planning research. This is a great work to have on hand for the re-discovery of this important saint. You will enjoy making the crosses and preparing for the celebration of the feast day. 154  Pages, Comb bound and illustrated. A grand way to make February 1 another great day for the Irish! Get the butter and the ale ready!  Second edition now out! 3/08  255 pages, tape  bound.   $22.00  Includes Postage in the U.S.A. To go right to the print edition order form click here

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Bring Brigid back into the Irish family alongside her friend St. Patrick. Remember to celebrate her feast day February 1




1. The Journey-Invocation…8

2.Saint Brigid -Definitions…9

The Geneology of Saint Brigid…9

The Definition of Cormac…10

The Martyrology of Donegal…11

Historia Brittonum  c.833 A.D….12

The Martyrology of Oengus the Culdee..12

Entry in the Annals of Ireland …14


3. A  Life the Setting,  Artifacts and Associations…15

Was Brigid a Pagan Goddess? …17



Symbols of Note: Fire and Milk…26

A Place On Which Rain Does Not Fall,- a place in which Spear Points are not Feared Places and things Associated with Brigid…30


4.The Foundation-The Lives, Primary  References…35

St. Broccan Cloen…37

St Broccan’s Hymn…38

The Alphabetical Hymn in Praise of Saint Brigid Attributed to Saint Ultan Bishop of Ardbreccan…..44

The Hymn  Brigid be bithmaith…45

The Life of Brigid from the Book of Lismore…46

The Life of Colomb Cille, The Book of Lismore…63

The Life of Findian of Clonard, The Book of Lismore…63

The Life of Ciarn of Clonmacnois The Book of Lismore…63

Cogitosus: Life of Saint Brigid (Vita II)…64

The Old Irish Life of Saint Brigid…71

Appendix of Bethu Brigte…80

The Life of Brigid from Lebar Brecc…81

I Should Like a Great Lake of Ale…97

Topgraphia Hiberniae by  Giraldus Cambrensis…98

Stories From Bethada Náem  nÉrenn…99

The Life of Ciaran of Saighir (II)…108

            The Life of Maedoc of Ferns …100

5. Reverence…102

    Celebration Basics…102

    Feasting Unites Us With The  Earth-Brigid's Day Foods…110

    The Ways of  the Cross…114

     The Ritual of the Cross…124


6. Schemata The Ripples On The Lake- Literary Artifacts. Creativity and New Revelation….128

            Miracles Wrought At Kildare After St. Brigid's Death….128

            Academic Interpretation…133

            The Mary of The Gael…133

The Life of St. Brigide Virgin who disceased about the yeare of our Lord 518 or 521. 1610-1615 A.D….138

The Account of Cogitosus 17th Century Version 1625 A.D….140

Tales from Ohanlon’s Lives of the Irish Saints…152

Martyrology of Tallagh…156

 Sabine Baring Gould Account of Brigid 1897…157

7. Hymns, Charms and Poems…162

Carmen of the St. Autbert MS…162

Hymnus de Brigida Virgine…162

Hail Briget …163

Adest Dies Leticie…165

Sloinneadh na Ban-Naomh Bride Genealogy of the holy maiden Bride…166

Carmina Gadelica, Hymns and Incantations…166

The Other Face of Bride…175

The Feast Day of Bride…176

Cuiridh mi an ni seo romham, Mar a dh’orduich Righ an domhain…176

A Herding Croon…177

A Prayer…177

Borg Ailinne nallach…177

Slán seise, a Brigit co mbuaid…177

Ancient Metrical Life…178

Hymn of St. Columba…178

On the Characteristic Virtues of Irish Saints…179

The Cult Continues…179

Saint Brigid of the Convents….180

Hymn to St. Brigid…181

The Hymn of St. Brigid….182

Saint Brigid…183

Prayer to St. Brigid…184

Novena to Saint Bridget…184

The Kye-Song of St. Bride…185

A Vision of St. Bride….186

Brigid Passes By…194

"The Giveaway"…194

8.   Modern Revival Of The Stories….196

Lady Gregory…196    

9. Bibliography…203

10. Appendicies…215

            Appendix 1 Images of Brigid…215

Appendix 2 Location of Kildare…223

Appendix 3 Concerning the Abbey at Kildare…224

                    Cogitosus  (7th Century) on the Church Door…229

Appendix 4 Giving the Stories New Life..230

Appendix 5 Brigid in the Hebrides…230

Appendix 6 Scottish Catholic Traditions…236

Appendix 7 Brigid Discography…237

Apendix 8 Archival Recordings…238

Appendix 9 Other Music…239

Appendix 10 Douglas Hyde on St. Brigid…239

Appendix 11  Nigel MacNeill, 1898 Discusses Brigid in the tradition of the Highlanders…247

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