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Pósadh and Bainis
(Marriage and Wedding in Irish Gaelic)

A Guide to the Traditional Irish Wedding

All you need to have to plan the perfect traditional Irish Wedding. Even if you want to run away and get married you can do it with traditional flair and style! The traditional Irish Wedding is an amazing combination of ancient Celtic and Christian traditions. Everything is planned for from selection of a mate to the courtship and the ring. We have even thrown in a little folklore and descriptions of traditional Irish weddings from historical sources.

The Day you marry your Wife you marry your Children!       
Marry in haste and be sorry at your leisure!
Two of the many traditional quotations included in our Guide to Irish Weddings. The traditional Irish wedding is a good thing to do not only for yourself, but for the perpetuation of the traditions and  for your children. While it is traditional to run away and, there is a tradition for it, of course, the proper Irish wedding will take some planning- but- it will be fun!   We have everything you will need: A bit of Humor, Traditional Rites: Before and Without Arrangement, Running Away, Capture (you know like John Wayne in the Quiet Man!-). Learn who and when you will marry by applying our predictive divination's. Learn what to do in courtship and how to arrange the event properly. We have the story and traditions of the Claddagh ring as well as the custom of the Strawboys. We have all of your Irish traditional wedding songs, readings, sayings, stories, and blessings. We have enough recipes to provide a full sit down meal including the Irish Wedding Cake. We will show you how to select the date and you can read historical accounts of actual weddings. Should you want to get married in Ireland we have the laws for marriage both in the North and in the South.  We even cover the marriage of widows. Essentially we have the solution for your wedding plans!  Click Here for the order form.
1.Introduction p.1 2.Flann O’Brien Takes a Humourous Look at the Process p.33.The Celtic Marriage p.5 Going Celtic p.5 Wooing p.6 The Marriage Contract p.6 Marriage in the Olde Times p.94.Before and Without Arrangement p.12 Running Away p.13 Ancient Capture p.13 4.Preparing the Way p.15Divination p.15Who will it be 16Courtship and Arrangement p.24The Deadline: Shrove Tuesday p.276. Time for a Proposal p.30Irish Gaelic and Scots Phrases p.307.The Wedding p.34The House p.34The Clothing p.35The Ring p.36Conrad Bladey’s Folkloric Tale:The Meaning of the Claddagh Design p.39Music for the Wedding p.41Tune/Song List p.42Tune Notation p.43Recordings p.45The Irish Wedding Song p.46Food for the Irish Wedding p.47The Irish Wedding Cake p.50The Customs of the Strawboys p.52Readings, Saying Stories, Blessings- Getting them Talking p.53Stories p.54Prayers p.62Sayings p.63Games p.658. Selecting the Day p.72Saint’s Days p. 739. The Day Itself-What is it like at an Irish Wedding p.76.10.And for Mating p.8111.Marriage of Widows p.81.12.Marriage Law p.82 Marriage Regulations for the Republic of Ireland p.83The Law in Northern Ireland p.9013.Conclusion p.9214. Sources p.93    
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