Conrad Bladey's
Teatime / Dessert Recipes of Ireland- and guide to Teatime Customs.
Being a Collection of the Famous and Essential Teatime Recipes of Ireland Sprinkled here and there with Famous Irish Sayings for the Enjoyment of Those who Work in the Kitchen. A Cultural Experience as well as a treasury of -108 Traditional Irish Recipes, 112 Pages, and Contemporary Accounts of Irish Tea Traditions. Perfect bound. Paperback.

Soda Breads both dark and light, Connemara Tart, Carrageen Pudding, Barm Brack, The Irish Wedding Cake, Boxty Cake, The Queen of Puddings, Potato Pie, Apple Pratie, Irish Rarebit, Clare Porter Pudding,  Guinness Pudding, Whiskey Cake, Cider Cake, Tipsy Cake, and a grand collection of wonderful scones: Classic Cream Scones, Strawberry Scones, Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Scones, Rich Cream Scones. You will find spotted dog and Irish farmerís loaf. And many more! You will also find recipes for savories and accompaniments such as marmalade....

A Cookbook and Cultural Experience designed to Rescue the Tradition!

The  Irish Teatime Companion is the result of a decade of kitchen testing following years of research in both the United States and Ireland. The book focuses upon the Traditional.   We even include savories such as meat pies an sausages. We even have a guide to Irish cheeses.  There is a complete  guide for making the proper pot of Irish tea! Following each recipe you will find a selection of traditional Irish Sayings, Toasts, Ranns, and Triads that extend the cultural experience.
A great Gift!
The Irish have a wonderful tradition of baking and of the making of teatime treats of all kinds-yet it is often difficult to find a book of  the traditional treasures.  It is time for a traditional cookbook and a re-discovery of the famous old traditions. You simply can not have an Irish Traditional Event without the best traditional teatime foods. All of these recipes have been tested many times over and have been  found to be easy to make. They convey the essence of the Irish Tradition of cookery-the tradition of our parents and grandparents. 
Recipes worth coming in from the cold for!
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