Charlie and Miss Helen Linthicum Maryland Patriots of the Gilded Age
Conrad Bladey
Hutman Productions 2009

Two Volumes- Vol. 1. 181 Pages Vol.2. 166 Pages. Many Illustrations Available in print and PDF formats.

  First ever primary reference work on John Charles and Helen A. Linthicum.

-Did you ever wonder how things came to be the way they are? John Charles and Helen A. Linthicum were influential in establishing the New World Order which followed the Civil War in Maryland. John Charles was a long serving Congressman and his wife Helen was an influential "Club Woman" Both were patriots. Charles authored the legislation which recognized the Star Spangled Banner as the national anthem. He also authored the first legislation designed to overturn prohibition to reach the floor of congress. The Linthicums were philanthropists who transformed post Civil War Plantations into new investments: bedroom communities for Baltimore- Linthicum Heights and North Linthicum, Maryland

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Table of Contents
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Volume I

I. Preface…4

II. By Way of Introduction--A Brief Socio-Cultural Analysis…7

III. The Linthicums in a Nutshell…9

IV. The Intangibles- Personality, Character, Philosophy, Stories and Travels….24

V. Political Campaigns of J. Charles Linthicum…56

1. Achievements in State Government…56

2. The Star Spangled Banner and Fort McHenry…69

3. Chairman House Foreign Affairs Committee…81

4. Oleomargarine And Creameries…88

5. The Long Hard Fight to End Prohibition…89

VI. Chronological Account of Topics of General Interest…109

VII. Bibliography…177

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Volume II
VIII. Picture in the Mirror: Obituaries, Memorials and Biographies…4
IX. Physical Memorials…34
Appendix I John Charles Linthicum Congressional Memorial…52

Appendix II Excerpts of Speeches of John Charles Linthicum…67

Appendix III Excerpt from Sweetser Linthicum Jr. History...86

Appendix IV. Plat of part of the subdivision of North Linthicum…89

Appendix V. Background Details Concerning Helen A. Linthicum…90

Appendix VI. Wills of Helen Aletta  and John Charles Linthicum…101

Appendix VII. Estate Sale Helen A. Linthicum…130

Appendix VIII. Clothing…146

Appendix IX. Paintings…154

Appendix X. Real Estate…156

Appendix XI. Places Associated With the Linthicums…159

Appendix XII. Active Use of this Information…160

Appendix XIII. Future Research…162

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