The Claddagh Ring......The Rest of the Story


I am very glad you have sought my assistance

concerning this most important topic. I would like

you to know that we utilize the most advanced of

modern methods and that your treatment will be

both painless and effective.

R e l a x!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Now, let us begin!

Somehow, in some way... YOU! have either: heard about, or

you have been influenced by the design known as the

C l a d d a g h

Please don't worry! This happens to people all of the time.

Especially, if they are Irish or, know someone who is Irish.

Take a nice deep breath....~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Good! Now we can continue.

The revalations which are set forth

upon the pages which follow may

shock some and irritate others. Be

advised that they represent the folkloric


But, we hope that you will take this

information calmly. We do not want

to change the way you feel about

objects you already possess or in

any way interfere with your appreciation

of them,or, of a loved one, the Irish, a relative or

a sweetie. We simply wish to help you

to find a new path, a new way a new


Just in the event that you do not remember what the Claddagh looks like, or, perhaps,you have never gazed upon it -we provide an image for easy identification below. Please!!!Do not look at it for long- just a short look and then scroll down. We just want you to know what we are talking about.

the  d r e a d e d  design!

Thats it! Just a short know what we are talking about then! You know why you are here!

(Silly and maybe even ugly design eh?!)

Now...let us tell you about this tragic design...

The design originated in the small,quiet and somewhat ordinary vilage of Claddagh on the shores of Galway Bay in Ireland. The locals still remember the day when the combined armies of both England and Ireland uniting for the first and only time in history came to the town and completely destroyed it- leaving not a trace....all because....the design which had so infected the world with its terrible powers had originated there. Alas... not fully understanding, the dynamics of Material Culture-

All was in vain and the design is still with us today with thousands falling to its addiction daily. Many of Irish descent worship this mystical design and can not have any other pattern or design on any object-large-or-small. From doormats to dustbins it is literally everywhere. It rages like a computer virus blocking out all other images. If left unchecked it is feared that it will blot out all other designs and images in the world. Whole art galleries will become empty of all but artworks portraying the design. We here at the Official Claddagh web site are not striking out at the design we are attacking the root cause-the addiction itself. We ask for your help as we struggle to free Mankind, and, the Irish from this Kitsch plague!


DO Not be taken in! Jewelers the world over have taken advantage of the infectious and captivating nature of the dreaded design to extract money and treasures from all who gaze upon it. A number of cute stories have been created to help gain access to your money and to trick you into latching on to the ring!

Folkloric Fact #1

The design was not known as the "claddagh" until the mid to late 19th century.

Folkloric Fact #2

There are NO! references for any of the "Cute" tales used to sell the design from the old or Ancient tradition-the tales are recent fabrications!

Beware! Do not be taken in! Remember the folkloric truth is laid out here below:

Below you will find a treasury of little cures which will help you. Think upon them daily use them to help your friends and relations.

Read them and receive the folkloric truth fore, in so doing ye shall be saved. You have but to know the truth to conquer the Claddagh.

You can do it we know that you can and will prevail! We have confidence in you!

The Claddagh:"The Whore's Ring of Ancient Ireland"To the Real Folkloric Story of the Claddagh!

The Story of the Claddagh:"Irish American Version" To Go to the American Claddagh Version click Here!

The Ring that caused a fish to vomit:

"So ugly!"To the Fish Vomits Ring Story!

Celtic Artists who Make wonderful Celtic designs which are not Claddagh Rings!-Lots of links!

Soon to appear in this space:

Honey!!!!Was that a Claddagh the dog did on the rug?

The European Community classifies the Claddagh as Environmental Hazard!Republic of Ireland considers gathering Claddagh marked objects and using them to fill in Galway Bay

Send us your Claddagh ring! We will destroy it and document the cleansing process. We will send you a photo of the broken ring...sorry we can not return either metal or stones (they are used to pay our internet costs) You will feel much better knowing that there is one less Claddagh in the world. Hey! the world will feel much better.

Now a few words from other folks about the Claddagh! Don't take our word for it! (Although you really should!) Soon a few Claddagh quotes will be here.

Send me your quote and it may appear here! Send Us your Quote!

In order to get you through to our next visit please focus your attention completely and utterly upon the image below. Concentrating upon it will help you to steer clear of the design.

Remain free of the curse of the ring. Guard your reputation from the symbols it might send to others about you!

While gazing intently upon the image...

Read, and repeat over and over these words!

There are many more designs
Nice Celtic designs
Designs not on doormats
Designs not over done -over-produced
Designs not on toilet seats,
Designs every where.
Unique designs, Creative Designs, other designs...
Meaningful designs!
I can find one and buy one and make
a traditional artist happy!
In so doing I will give a personal,meaningful
gift which demonstrates creativity and
Say no to the Claddagh,no to the claddagh, no to the claddagh,
No to the claddagh...

For any one who wishes to proudly proclaim his or her cure of the Claddagh Curse or for any one who sells Celtic Jewelery but does NOT sell the Claddagh we invite you to insert the following image link into your Web Page. Simply download the image and or copy out the text belowand paste into your web page html! Its easy! . The text will create a button which will take visitors to our site. Spread the Cure!

Say no!

Come back real,real... soon!

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