These pages are dedicated to the concept that the victory of William Of Orange over James II at the Battle of the Boyne is an historic event of monumental significance for free people everywhere. It was a blow to absolutism and a step on the path to modern democracy.No! Nay! Never
                    Surrender your Basic Rights! Politicians out of

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A Great Day for the Irish And ALSO For the ENTIRE Democratic and FREE World!
 Battle of the Boyne Day July 12!





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Orientation and Purpose
"So..."you are saying to yourself didn't the Defeat of James II  at the Battle of the Boyne result in the imposition of those Penal laws which persecuted the Irish?!?!?!And who would want to celebrate that???A n d....the answer is.....

You are absolutely W R O N G !

The Penal laws were imposed by Parliament as a result of the civil war waged by the Irish upon the English which started right AFTER James II surrendered, left Ireland and returned to the French court of Louis XIV from whence he had come. James formally ended his uprising in Dublin shortly after the battle when he told his Irish followers to give up, that their cause was lost. (By the way we have James's character reference right here-be sure to know who we are talking about here!-click for it!) (And if James was not bad enough click here to read about his corrupt advisors!)

Now you see even Irish Catholics can celebrate! And if you don't believe me just consult: Pietro Ottoboni (Pope Alexander VIII), and before you ask No! he was not English (Born in Venice)  It is an absolute fact that he called for all of the church bells of Christendom to be rung in celebration of the defeat of James II----now was the Pope bet ya!

In fact July 12th should be celebrated as a national holiday in the Republic of Southern Ireland! You don't agree? You would rather have seen the will of James II put into effect in Ireland?- This is in-fact what he had in mind- This is what he said he was going to do: Principle garrisons should never be entrusted to the Irish Governors or Irish troops; the sons of ancient families should be given an English education, to wean them from their hatred of the English; schools should be established to teach English and by degrees wear out the Irish language, which would be for the advantage of the body of the inhabitants; the Os Macs should be told that the estates declared forfeit by James I and his predecessors could not be restored; no native of Ireland should be lord lieutenant....

So...why would one not wish to celebrate the defeat of this Tyrant "JUST wait one minute guy" say..."I know full well that this holiday is some sort of Fraternal Holiday of a Protestant Order and it is really all about them and not......"us"

Sorry...absolutely wrong once again.....

Were there any Orangemen at the Battle of the Boyne or for that matter in Ireland at all at the time?

Absolutely NOT! The Order was not even founded until September 21,1795 and don't take my word for it- ask them!
Here is a link to their page: Click for GOLI

A word about the Orange Order. I am not a member of the Orange Order. Nor would I choose to be at this point in time because of major disagreements with the way the order is managed. I have attempted to assist the order with many issues. I have gone out of my way at great expense to do so. I have found the management of the order cold to outsiders, uncooperative, and lacking in essential common manners. Significant communications have gone un-answered. Essential actions have not been taken as advised. This however does not mean that those running the order  or the order itself are evil. I point out that every organization run by human beings will be imperfect.
That the order is conservative beyond necessity, inept, and lacking in common politeness is only a sign of its humanity and in no way represents evil. I would hope however, that the Orange Order would work upon these flaws and at least take the time to respond to ordinary communications in a timely manner.

N o w....Can we get to the point?

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It is hoped that by studying and taking part in the unfolding of this important holiday in all of its many dimensions that its true significance might become known to all. All too often nations focus only upon their own special days of liberation and celebrate only their own particular pathways to Democracy. The fall of the Absolute monarchs and the evolution of Democratic institutions of government did not happen in one country-in one place-at one time. This process was spread over centuries with milestones in its progress to be found in many countries throughout the world. The defeat of James II, an Absolutist monarch rejected by England, by a tolerant ruler subject to the rule of Parliament is one such milestone. This milestone is of worldwide significance as it marks an important step in the deliverance of mankind from the clutches of the Medieval Absolutist Tyranny.On these pages we shall explore this important history. By following the events of this year's celebration we also might better understand the world and history in which we all live today. By hearing and listening to the viewpoints of the celebrants we will discover and appreciate the great treasures of human diversity.
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What Should You Do?

Iinvite you to paste into the guest book below accounts of events leading up to and surrounding the celebration of the 12th of July this year. I encourage listings of events as well as commentaries and first person accounts. Launch your own event! I believe that it should not be hard for any freedom loving person and citizen of a Democracy to find something in the heritage of this day-for us all  to celebrate.  This celebration is an occasion rich not only in politics and history but also in the human fellowship which it generates accompanied by song and well crafted verse--productions which transcend the acts and motivation of any one group of celebrants through time. Many of these songs and verses and artworks are masterpieces of human achievement. Today obscured by the storms of political rhetoric and belittled by hatred, these works are quickly being forgotten. The songs of this great celebration can not be found in record stores and the craftsmen and folk artists are disappearing from our world. On these pages you will find a treasury of human achievement-Ballads,Folksongs,Rhymes,Recipes and works of Art. Take a moment to enjoy them as works of Art. Then take them from these pages into your own celebrations and give them life. Let us say "No Surrender" not only to political oppression but also to those who wish to hide and obscure these significant works of human achievement beneath the landfill of modern popular culture. 

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