Sources for Newcastle Music-
The evolution of this project.
Originally these pages were composed to reflect the discography of the Whisky Priests (a musical group from Durham). As time went on the scope expanded to favorite Newcastle songs. The first step was to include all of the songs of Joseph Cawhall's book of 1888. This done we will turn to John Stoke's Northumbrian Minstrelsy and then to the collection of John Bell. We have completed work with 
bell and have turned our attention to the chapbooks of Fordyce and Allan's great volume. As with any collection selection is at times difficult. The tradition is composed of many facets- Miners, Keelmen, Soldiers, City Professionals and residents all took part. The mines have their songs of action and of strike and the border at times takes part. We look mainly for songs which lace these traditions together. Excuse us for not getting too close to the border or to remote military exploits or town politics nor too far into the mines. 
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A Bibliography of Newcassel "Sangs"
These pages have used many sources. In some instances sources were combined to
provide a more pleasing version.
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Sources for these pages:

A Beuk o' Newcassel Sangs.
Joseph Cawhall,
Cawhall was a producer of woodcuts, and a colector of song and antiquities and art. His main occupation
was that of ropemaker. He was born in Newcastle in 1921. Crawhall died  in London July 7, 1896. Cawhall
cites as his cource Mr. John Stoke the collector responsible for Northumbrian Minstrelsy.Crawhal claims
to have collected only the "best and most popular Songs" of local Poets. He rejected "Political, pseudo-Military,
and Athletic" songs.
All of the songs which were printed with notation have been included.

Northumbrian Minstrelsy.
John Stokoe
John Colingwood Bruce
This work was inspired by the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Allan's Illustrated Edition of Tyneside Songs and Readings. With lives, portraits, and autographs of the writers, and notes on the songs.
        Rev. ed. Newcastel upon Tyne: Thomas and George Allan, 1891. Reprinted Newcastle upon Tyne: Frank Graham, 1972.
A very comprehensive source.

Rhymes of Northern Bards.
John Bell 1812

Songs from the Manuscript Collection of John Bell.
D.I Harker ed.
James Hall, Ltd. 1985.

Come You Not from Newcastle., "A Collection of North Country Songs", Gwen Polwarth, Frank Graham, Newcastle, 1972.

Songs and Ballads of Northern England., John Stokoe, Newcastle, Walter Scott, Ltd.

Joe Wilson,(author) Songs and Drolleries, 1890.

Joe Wilson Sings., Frank Graham ed., Newcastle,1971.

The New Geordie Dictionary., Frank Graham ed., Newcastle,

The Newcastle Song Book or Tyne-Side Songster., W&T Fordyce , Newcastle Upon Tyne, 18--.
(Four or so booklets bound together found at the Library of Congress - no further information. Quite a comprehensive collection.
So far the only reference to this publisher of songs is found in Harker, 1973 below-
"On the Town moor, by this date,(1860's) the old staple broadside and chapbook trade of the Fordyce brothers was dying out, although even so late as 1861 a reporter at the Races coould patronisingly notice that....". p 5. Allen notes that Fordyce published their works in 1842.

Geordie Ridley "Gateshead Poet and Vocalist" Sings The Blaydon Races., David Harker, Frank Graham, Newcastle Upon Tyne, 1973.


A Collection of Songs, Comic, Satirical, and Descriptive..., T. Thompson, 1827.


The Tyne Songster, A Choice Selection of Songs in the Newcastle Dialect, W. and T. Fordyce, 1840.


The Monthly Chronicle of North-Country Lore and Legend, V. 4,, Newcastle Weekly Chronicle, 1880.


A Choice Collection of Tyneside Songs., E. Corvan, 1863.

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This is a listing compiled by the posters to  the newsgroup

Thomas Allen & Sheila Armstrong - Songs Of Northumbria
     Mawson & Wareham, MWMCD SP 9
Tracklisting: Footy Again' The Wall / Blow The Wind Southerly / Ca' Hawkie Through The Watter / Of All The Youths / O' I Hae Seen The Roses Blaw / Elsie Marley / Bobby Shaftoe / The Willow Tree, Or Rue And Thyme / Ma Bonny Lad / Sair Fyel'd Hinnie / The Shoemaker / Green Bushes / De'il Stick The Minister / Do-Li-A / Gan To The Kye Wi' Me / Newcastle Overture (Orchestral)/Come Ye Not From Newcastle / Dance Ti' Thy Daddy / O' The Bonny Fisher Lad / Show Me  The Way To Wallington / Wor Geordie's Lost His Penka / Doon The Waggon Way / Bonny At Morn / Billy Boy / Blaydon Races

Thomas Allen & Sheila Armstrong - Songs Of Northumbria Volume 2
   Mawson & Wareham, MWMCD SP 12
Tracklisting: The Cullercoats Fish Lass / Buy Broom Buzzems / Whittingham Fair / The Cliffs Of Old Tynemouth / The Colliers Rant / Trimdon Grange
Explosion / Water Of Tyne / Blow The Wind I-ho / My Miner Lad / Cushie Butterfield / The Keel Row / Madam I Will Buy You / Children's Song / Rap Her To Bank / It Was One Summer Morn / The Oak And The Ash / The Hexhamshire Lass / Lavender's Blue / Cat Gut Jim / The Sangate Lass's / Lament / Ee Aye, Aw Cud Yew / The Tyne Exile's Lament / The Poacher's Call / Died Of Love / Jowl, Jowl / The Row Between The Cages / The Coal Owner And The Pitman's Wife / The Lambton Worm

Owen Brannigan - Sings Scottish & Newcastle
     Mawson & Wareham, MWMCD SP 22
Tracklisting: Scottish & Newcastle Brown Ale Commercial / Bobby Shaftoe / O The Bonny Fisher Lad / The Water Of Tyne / Billy Boy / Dance To Thee Daddy / Maa Bonny Lad / Doon The Wagon Way / Footy Against The Wall / The Shoemaker / The Keelrow / Lavender's Blue / Ca' Hawkie Through The Watter / The Arethusa / Gan Ti' The Kie Wi' Me / The Plough Boy / Come Ye Not From Newcastle / Buy Broom Buzzems / Whittingham Fair / The Laidley Worm O' Spindeston Heugh / Elsie Marley / Sair Fyel'd, Hinnie / Scottish & Newcastle Commercials / The Owl Is Abroad / The Cheshire Souling Song / Doctor Foster / O' The Airts / Oh Dear Minnie / Going Westward / (Tracks sung by Graham Danby) Cushy Butterfield / Hexhamshire Lass / Collier's Rant / Blaydon Races

Billy Fane - Billy Fane's Geordie Party
     Mawson & Wareham, MWMCD SP 13
Tracklisting: Wherever You Gan Your Sure To Find A Geordie / The Blaydon Races / The Keel Row / Dance To Yer Daddy / Heart Of My Heart / Silver Dollar / Barefoot Days / The Neighbours Doon Below / Buy Broom Buzzems / Billy Boy / Wor Geordie’s Lost His Penker / The Bonnie Pit Laddie / Clap Your Hands For Daddie / Little Chance / Elsie Marley / Simply The Best / The Jarrow Song / If Your Proud To Be A Geordie / Friday Neet / Fog On The Tyne / Cullercoats Fish Lass / The Waters Of The Tyne / Bobby Shaftoe / Blow The Wind Southerly / Drunken Sailor / My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean / The Mermaid / Holy Ground / Wild Rover / Sailing / Keep Yer Feet Still Geordie Hinny / Sally Gee / The Lambton Worm / Wor Nanny’s A Mazer / Show Me The Way To Go Home / Pack Up Your Troubles / It’s A Long Way To Tipperary / Auld Lang Syne

Bob Fox & Benny Graham - How Are You Off For Coals
     Fellside, FECD 111
Tracklisting: Celebrated Working Man / Oakey's Strike Evictions / Funny Names At Tanfield Pit / South Medomsley Strike / I Wish Pay Friday Wad Come / The Old Miner / Trimdon Grange Explosion / Geordie Black / Have A Game For The Crack / Little Chance / Wor Nanny's A Maizor / Going To The Mine / The Big Hewer / When It's Ours / Blackleg Mining Man / Farewell Johnny Miner / The Miner's Lifeguard

Bob Fox & Stu Luckley - Box Of Gold
     Fellside, FECD 124
Tracklisting: The Bonny Gateshead Lass / The Two Magicians / Heart Like A Wheel / Bold Reynard The Fox / The Shores Of Old Blighty / Doodle Let Me Go / Isle Of Islay / The Row Between The Cages / Sally Wheatley / Dollia / The Begging / The Song Of The Iron Road / North Sea Holes / The Fishing / Sally Gee

Alex Glasgow - Songs Of Alex Glasgow 1 & 2
     Mawson & Wareham, MWMCD SP 14
Tracklisting: Close The Coalhouse Door / Standing At The Door / The Socialist ABC / Twenty Long Weeks / Little Cloth Cap / As Soon As This Pub Closes / The Tyne Slides By (Paradise Flats / Jack And Jill / A Proper Man / Saturday Afternoon / All In A Day / Granda’) / Turning The Clock Back / Maggie Gee / Lovely Little Lucy /My Daddy Is A Left-Wing Intellectual / The Mary Baker City Mix / Sexpertise / Nigel / The Candidate / Mary Jane Beware / Time Enough Tomorrow / Liverpool Lad / Sammy Bell / Dorothy / Aubrey St John / Keep Your ‘And On Your ‘A’Penny / The Harlequin / The Englishman / How Different From The Home Life Of Our Own Dear Queen

Alex Glasgow - Now & Then: Tyneside Songs Old & New / Songs of Vol 3
     Mawson & Wareham, MWMCD SP 21
Tracklisting: Dance Ti Thi Daddy / My Dad / Ma Bonny Lad / When It’s Ours / Sally Wheatley / Geordie Broon / Keep Your Feet Still, Geordie Hinny / Geordie The Professional / The Sunsets’ Bonny Lad / Water Of Tyne / Any Minute Now / Wor Nanny’s A Mazer / And I Shall Cry Again / Cushie Butterfield / In My Town / O’Dear, What Munn Aa Dee / My Love And I / Little Tommy Yesterday / My Little Johnny-O / The Escalator / Festival Time / The Doctor Doesn’t Come / Eyes / A Wild Utopian Dream / The Junior Reporter / Mummy Says / Xanadu / Master Henderson / A Million Miles Away

High Level Ranters - Bonnie Pit Laddie: A Miner’s Life In Music And Song
    Topic, TSCD 486
Tracklisting: The Hewer / Doon The Wagon Way / A Miner’s Life / I Wish Pay Friday Wad Come / The Auchengeich Disaster / The Collier’s Rant / Farewell To The Monty / The Putter / Little Chance / My Gaffer’s Bait / The Coal Owner And The Pitman’s Wife / The Blackleg Miners / The Miner’s Lockout / The South Medomsley Strike / The Durham Lockout / Aa’m Glad The Strike’s Done / The Collier’s Pay Week / Cut And Dry Dolly / Success To The Coal Trade / My Lad Is O’er Bonny For The Coal Trade / I’ll Have A Collier / The Stoneman’s Song / The Hartley Calamity / Bonnie Woodha / The Banks Of The Dee / The Bonny Pit Laddie / The Bonny Pit Laddie

High Level Ranters - Northumberland Forever
     Topic, TSCD 483
Tracklisting: Show’s The Way To Wallington / The Peacock Followed The Hen / The Sandgate Girl’s Lament / Elsie Marley / The Bellingham Boat /
Lambskinnet / Adam Buckham / Meggy’s Foot / The Lads Of North Tyne / The Redesdale Hornpipe / The Hexhamshire Lass / The Breakdown / Blanchland Races / The Lads Of Alnwick / Lamshaw’s Fancy / Byker Hill / Whinham’s Reel / Nancy / Because He Was A Bonny Lad / Salmon Tails Up The Water / Sweet Hesleyside / Dance To Your Daddy / Billy Boy / Nae Guid Luck Aboot This Hoose / Mi’ Laddie Sits Ower Late Up / The Keel Row / Kafoozalum / The Washing Day

Louis Killen & Johnny Handle - Along The Coaly Tyne
     Topic, TSCD 498
Tracklisting: Anti Gallican Privateer / Collier's Rant / Up The Raw / Farewell To The Monty / Blackleg Miner / Collier Lad / Dollia / Waggoner /
Derwentwater's Farewell / Stottin' Doon The Waall / Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinny / Stoneman's Song / Aw Wish Pay Friday Was Come / Durham Big Meetin' Day / Trimdon Grange Explosion / Putter / sair Fyeld Hinny / Dance To Yer Daddy / Lass Doon On The Quay / Kielder Hunt / Elsie Marley / Stanley Market

Jez Lowe - Back Shift
     Fellside, FE 089CD
Tracklisting: Back In Durham Gaol / Brockie Lads / Galloways / Black Diamonds / Bergen / Sedgefield Fair / Old Durham Road / Chick Henderson’s March / Japs And English / Old Bones / Cursed Be The Caller / High Part Of The Town / Grey Cock / Old Durham Waltz / Shippersea Bay / Ballad Of Johnny Collier / Honest Working Way

Jez Lowe - Bad Penny
     Fellside, FE 070CD
Tracklisting: Another Man’s Wife / Small Coal Song / Midnight Mail / Dandelion Clocks / Land Of The Living / Nearer To Netties / Father Mallory’s Dance /
Yankee Boots / New Town Incident

Jez Lowe - Banners: Music For East Durham
     Easington Borough Council
Tracklisting: Banners Gathering / Slogans Of Labour / Home Fires / As We Speak Weave And Worry / Standard Of St George / Big Meeting Day / Gresford - The Miner’s Hymn / An Everlasting Drum / The Long Walk Home / Ready For Tomorrow / An East Durham Dawn

Jez Lowe - Bede Weeps
     Fellside, FE 094CD
Tracklisting: Call For The North Country / There Coal Town Days / Kid Canute / Scotty Moore’s Reel / Just Like Moses / She’ll Always Be Freedom / Greek Lightning / Dover / Delaware / Teardrop Twostep / Too Up And Too Down / Bulldog Breed / Last Of The Widows / Mike Neville Said It / Bede Weeps

Jez Lowe - Briefly On The Street
     Fellside, FECD 79
Tracklisting: You Can’t Take It With You / Famous Working Man / One Man Bound / Old Hammer-Head / Boonas / Soda Man / Davis And Golightly / Jordan / The Begging Bowl / Alice / Fun Without Fools / Swiss Reel / New Moon’s Arms

Jez Lowe - Galloways / Jez Lowe
     Musica Pangaea, MP 10006CD
Tracklisting: Back In Durham Gaol / Galloway Lad / Gatineau Girls / Boys Of Belly Row / Northern Echoes / Galloways / Old Bones / Shippersea Bay / Honest Working Way / Chick Henderson’s March / Sedgefield Fair / Roxburgh Castle / Pit Boy / Will’s Lyke Wake / Dark Shores / Johnny Seddon / Beaumont’s Light House

Jez Lowe - The Old Durham Road
     Fellside, FECD 34 Tracklisting: Old Durham Road / Hard Life / Cursed Be The Caller / My Keel Lad / Mary Martindale / Annie Monroe / High Part Of The Town / I'll Never Get Home / Foggy Banks / Black Diamonds / Old Durham Road / Time For Leaving / Poor Old Wedgebury / Fill The Tankard / Head Of Wear Water / Pretty Saro / Wheel Of Fortune

Jez Lowe - Parish Notices
     Green Linnet, GLCD 1192
Tracklisting: Glad Rags Again / Tom-Tom / Propping / Sod All / Spitting Cousins / Spares Or Repair / Limping Drinker’s Polka / Go Away Joe / Had Away Gan On / Parish Notices / Idle Time / If I Had Another Penny

Jez Lowe - Tenterhooks
     Green Linnet, GLCD 1161
Tracklisting: Sons Of The Century / Sweep Horizons Clean / The Crake In The Morning / The Guilts / Alibi Child / Song Of The Indian Lass / Workhouse /
Aloysius / Dry Season Land / Bait Up / Tenterhooks / Homefires / Felton Lonnen / Here’s The Tender Coming

The Lucky Bags - Delight In Disorder
     Fellside, FECD 138
Tracklisting: Fine Horseman / Something For The Weekend Sir / Leather Winged Bat / Military Road / Maybe / Space Between / Widow’s Waltz / Whittingham Fair / Besom Maker / No Goodbyes / Flatworld / Blue Bleezin’ Blind Drunk / Fond As A Besom / May Morning / The Late Lamented Gray Art Gallery Conservatory Jig

The Lucky Bags - Food For Thought
     Fellside, FECD 112
Tracklisting: Come Home Safely To Me / Callum’s / Cried You A Waterfall / Joan’s Jig / Spey Of Inverness / Cotton Mill Girls / Songdance / Calliope House / Bonny At Morn / Reeling Me In / Howlin’ At The Moon / Elsey’s Waltz / Random Jig / Dimming Of The Day

Ushna - Twice Brewed
     Fellside, FECD 132
Tracklisting: Puffing Billy / Felton Lonnen / Joe's Garden / William Jobling / Twice Brewed / Buy Broom Besoms / Water Of Tyne / Blaydon Flays / Dol-li-a /Bonny At Morn / The Tramp / Elsie Marley / My Northumberland

Various Artists - The Iron Muse: A Panorama Of Industrial Folk Music
     Topic, TSCD 465
Tracklisting: High Level Ranters - Sandgate Girl’s Lament / High Level Ranters - Elsie Marley / High Level Ranters - Doon The Waggonway / Tom Gilfellon - Miner’s Life / Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger - Coal-Owner And The Pitman’s Wife / Louis Killen - Trimdon Grange Explosion / Louis Killen - Blackleg Miner / Dick Gaughan & Alistair Anderson - Auchengeich Disaster / Ed Pickford - Ee Aye, Aa Cud Hew / Maureen Craik - Durham Lockout / High Level Ranters - A’am Glad The Strike’s Done / Celebrated Working Man’s Band - Weaver’s March / Ray Fisher - Spinner’s Song / Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger - Oh, Dear Me / Anne Briggs -Doffin Mistress / Dave Brooks - Little Piecer / Harry Boardman - Hand Loom Weaver’s Lament / Ray Fisher - Dundee Lassie / Oldham Tinkers - Success To The Weavers / Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger - Fourpence A Day / Louis Killen - Up The Raw / Bob Davenport - Row Between The Cages / Louis Killen & Colin Ross -Aw Wish Pay Friday Would Come / Louis Killen & Colin Ross - Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinny / Louis Killen - Farewell To The Monty

Various Artists - Tommy Armstrong Of Tyneside
     Topic, TSCD 484
Tracklisting: Tom Gilfellon & Louis Killen - Durham Gaol / Louis Killen - The Row Between The Cages / Tom Gilfellon - The Birth Of The Lad / Louis Killen -
Marla Hill Ducks / Tom Gilfellon - Oakey’s Keeker / Maureen Craik - The Durham Lockout / Tom Gilfellon - Wor Nanny’s A Maizor / Tom Gilfellon - The Oakey Strike Evictions / Louis Killen - The Sheel Raw Flood / Johnny Handle - The Hedgehog Pie / Louis Killen - The Ghost That Haunted Bunty / Johnny Handle & Tom Gilfellon - The Skuil Board Man / Maureen Craik - The Trimdon Grange Explosion / Johnny Handle - The South Medomsley Strike

Various Artists - Wor Nanny's A Mazer: Early Recordings Of Artists From The North East 1904-1933
     Phonograph, PHCD2K1
Tracklisting: C. Ernest Catcheside Warrington - Wor Nanny's A Mazer / J.C. Scatter - Blaydon Races / Harton Colliery Band - Alpine Echoes / Jamieson Dodds - Geordie Haad The Bairn / C. Ernest Catcheside Warrington - Cushy Butterfield / Harry Nelson - Hi, Canny Man / Jamieson Dodds - The Neibors Doon Belaa / J.C. Scatter - Tyneside Policeman / C. Ernest Catcheside Warrington - The Cliffs Of Old Tynemouth / Harry Nelson - Our Jemmie (with patter) / Jas. Brown - Johnson and High Level Hornpipe / Dewey Gibson - Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinny / C. Ernest Catcheside Warrington - Last Night / Ernest J. Potts - Adam Buckam O!, Wrap Up / Jimmy James - Whistling Geordie / Anthony Charlton - The Keel Row, Felton Lonnin, Hexham Races (Northumbrian Smallpipes) / Albert Burdon & Company - Albert Before The Means Test Committee Parts 1 & 2


Pauline Cato - The Wansbeck Piper
     Cato, PCCD 01
Tracklisting: Calliope House / Tripping Upstairs / Captain Ross / Cuckold Come Out Of The Amrey / Piper’s Weird / Carrick Hornpipe / Happy Hours / Lament For Ian Dickson / Acrobat / Wild Hills O’ Wannies / Town Green Polka / Bluebell Polka / Exhibition / The Hawk / Neil Gow’s Lament For The Death Of His Second Wife / Rowley Burn / Remember Me / Lady’s Well / Random / Wallington Hall / Locomotive / Moving Cloud / New High Level (Whinham) / Mason’s Apron

Pauline Cato & Tom McConville - By Land And Sea
     Tomcat, TCCD 01
Tracklisting: The New High Level, Mr Kennedy North, La Grande Chaine / The Death Of Blind Willie, Billy Johnson’s Jig / Ashokan Farewell / The Acrobat,
Frenchie’s Reel, Errol Mitten’s Reel / Border Spirit, The Left Handed Fiddler, The Right Handed Piper / Beeswing / The Duke Of Fife’s Welcome To Deeside, Escape From Bodmin Jail, Jean’s Reel / Coaly Tyne / The Locomotive, The Hawk, The Quayside / Herr Roloff’s Farewell / Here’s The Tender Coming, The Hawk Polka

Pauline Cato & Tom McConville - Changing Tides
     Cato, PCCD 02
Tracklisting: Go To Berwick Johnny / High Road To Linton / Omnibus / Beeswing / Gypsy’s Lullaby / Billy Pigg’s Hornpipe / Gardebylaten / Rejnlaender /
Trettondagsmarschen / Keel Row / South Shore / De’il Amang The Tailors / Hector The Hero / Iron Man / Willafjord / Miss McLeods / Sleep Soond In Da
Mornin’ / Ned Of The Hill / I’ll Get Wedded In My Auld Claes / Coffee Bridge / Golden Eagle / Alexander’s Hornpipe / Roslin Castle / Jump At The Sun / Forth Bridge / Easy Club Reel / Peacock Follows The Hen / (Another) Peacock Follows The Hen / Peacock’s Revenge

Pauline Cato & Tom McConville - The Surprise
     Tomcat - TCCD 02
Tracklisting: Jessie's Polka / The Mystic Policeman (The Journeyman Tailor) / The Auld Wheel, Miss Thornton's Reel, Rolling In The Rye Grass / The Glen Aln, The Champion / Azalea / Hadrian's Wall, The Helicopter Jig, Holey Ha'penny / Little Jenny, The Surprise / Catgut Jim The Fiddler / Will Atkinson's Sunglasses, St Joseph's Reel / Archie's Fancy / The City Of Savannah, The South Shore / The Fisher's Farewell To The Coquet / Sir Sidney's March And Variations / Jessie Smith, Daley's Reel

Tom McConville - Cross The River
     Old Bridge, OBMCD 01
Tracklisting: Hurleys / Homes Of Donegal / Tone Rowe’s / Smithy’s Baccy Tin / Calliope House / How Can My Poor Heart / Frenchie’s Reel / President
Garfield’s Reel / Johnny Miner / Gold Ring / Cross The River / Lark In The Morning / Goodnight Waltz / Overgate / Calum Donaldson / Mick Johnson’s Parrot / Da Grocer / Wish The Wars Were All Over / Ben’s Foot / Birmingham Fling

Tom McConville - Fiddler’s Fancy: The Music Of James Hill
     Old Bridge, OBMCD 04
Tracklisting: Quayside / Champion Hornpipe / Cliff / Hill’s No. 8 / Gateshead Hornpipe / Pear Tree / Cage / High Level Hornpipe / Flight Of Fancy / Hawk
Polka / Barber’s Pole / Beeswing / Lads Like Beer / Marquis Of Waterford / Hawk / Proudlock’s Fancy / Fiddler’s Fancy / Bottle Bank / Blaydon Flats / Earl Grey

Matt Seattle - Out Of The Flames
     Discipline Global Mobile, DGM 9907
Tracklisting: Little Wee Winking Thing / The Lad That Keeps The Cattle, Lads Of Duns / Lindisfarne / Rangers Frolick / Saw Ye Never A Bonny Lass / The Wood Of Fyvie, Such A Wife As Willy Had, Linkumdoddie, The Oyster Wife's Rant, Ratho Fair / The Fisherman's Daith / Dixon's Highland Laddie / The West Indian / An Thou Were My Ain Thing / The Raking Quality, The Lad With The Trousers On, Petticoats Loose, Up Stairs And To Bed, Four Bare Legs Together / Guidewife Of Peebles / Mock The Soldier's Lady / The New Way To Morpeth

Kathryn Tickell - Borderlands
     Black Crow, CROCD 210
Tracklisting: Mary The Maid / David’s Hornpipe / Sidlaw Hills / Brafferton Village / Stellgreen / Loch Rannoch / Gypsy’s Lullaby / Flowers Of The Forest /
Alston Flower Show / Claudio’s Polka / Tents Hornpipe / Walker / Lord Gordon’s Reel / Robson / Roly Gentle / Troy’s Wedding / Tartar Frigate / Wark Football Team

Kathryn Tickell - Common Ground
     Black Crow, CROCD 220
Tracklisting: Walsh’s Hornpipe / Dorrington Lads / Richard Moscrop’s Waltzes / Another Knight / Mrs Bolowski’s / Neil Gow’s Lament / Andrew Knight’s
Favourite / Shining Pool / Outclassed / Glen Aln / Bill Charlton’s Fancy / Fenham / Catch A Penny Fox / Bowmont Water / Geoff Heslop’s Reel / New Rigged Ship / Remember Me / Rafferty’s Reel / Wild Hills O’ Wannies

Kathryn Tickell - The Gathering
     Park, PRKCD 39
Tracklisting: Raincheck / Lads Of Alnwick / Sunderland Lasses / Peacock;s March / Redesdale / La Bettaille Dans Le Petit Arbre Acharavi Waltz / Gathering / Kate’s House / Real Blues Reel / St Kilda Wedding Piotr / Green Brechans O’Branton / I Saw My Love / Tune For Matt Robson / Kathleen / Mr Nelson’s Birthday Waltz

Kathryn Tickell - The Kathryn Tickell Band
     Black Crow, CROCD 227
Tracklisting: Holey Ha’Penny / Tyne Bridge Hornpipe / Peacock Followed The Hen / Drop Dead Waltz / Franklin River Reel / Desperation / Nancy’s Waltz /200th Birthday Jig / Floating From Skerry / Dargai / Jockey Stays Long At The Fair / Otterburn

Kathryn Tickell - Northumberland Collection
     Park, PRKCD 42
Tracklisting: Rothbury Hills / Old Morpeth Rant / Morpeth Rant / Hesleyside Reel / Felton Lonnen / Whittingham Green Lane / Robin Spraggon’s Old Grey
Mare / Stagshaw Bank Fair / Shew’s The Way To Wallington / Mike To Ride / Sir John Fenwick’s The Flower Amang Them / Sir Sidney Smith’s March / Lindisfarne/ Bonny At Morn / Otterburn / Breamish / Warksburn / Elsey’s Waltz / Sair Fyel’s Hinny / Jocky Way Up In The Hayloft / Bellingham Boat / Northumberland Air/ Farewell Regality

Kathryn Tickell - On Kielder Side
     Saydisc, CDSDL 343
Tracklisting: Joan’s Jig / Cut The File / Sweet Hesleyside / Hesleyside Reel / Skate / Beeswing / Ronell’s Reel / Bob Thompson’s / Crooked Bawbee / J B Milne/ Carrick Hornpipe / Peacock Followed The Hen / Da Slockit Light / Kielder Jock / Matt’s / The Stage / Jean’s Reel / Johnny Cope / Tipsy Sailor / Border Spirit /AB Hornpipe / Billy Pigg’s Hornpipe

Various Artists - Northumberland Rant
     Smithsonian Folkways, SFW CD 40473
Tracklisting: Billy Pigg - Archie's Fancy, Holey Ha'Penny / Chris Ormston - Keening In The Wind, Alston Flower Show / High Level Ranters - La Russe, The Windshield's Hornpipe, Jane's Fancy, Da Road To Houll / Jack Armstrong - Rothbury Hills, Whittingham Green Lane, The Cott, Border Fray / Willie Taylor -Murray River Jig, Roland And Cynthia Taylor, Alistair J Sim / Anthony Robb - I Saw My Love Come Passing By Me / Willie Taylor, Joe Hutton & Will Atkinson -
Dance De Chez Nous, Aunt Mary's Canadian, Neil Taylor's Jig / Pauline Cato - The Lady's Well, Random, The Cliff / Anthony Robb - Dargai / Billy Pigg Skye Crofters / Wayne Robertson & Nigel Jelks - Torryburn Lasses, The Wandering Tinker, Marry Me Now, Mrs Webberburn, Randy Wives Of Greenlaw / Joe Hutton - Speed The Plough / Billy Pigg - There's Nae Giud Luck About The House, High Level Hornpipe / Willie Taylor - Robertson's Reel, The Grand Chain / Colin Ross - Jock Of Hazeldean, Gentle Maiden / Willie Taylor - The Pearl Wedding, Nancy Taylor's Reel / Anthony Robb - Lament For Ian Dickson / Jack Armstrong & The Barnstormers - Keel Row, Durham Rangers, Greencastle, Hesleyside Reel, Yanky Doodle / Chris Ormston - Miss Hannah Ormston, Katie Elliot's Jig / Kathryn Tickell - Mr Nelson's Birthday Waltz / Billy Pigg - Border Spirit

Various Artists - The Northumbrian Small Pipes
     Topic, TSCD 487
Tracklisting: Tom Clough - Keel Row / Diana Blackett-Ord - Westering Home / John Hepple - Whittingham Green Lane, Ward’s Brae / Billy Pigg - Wild Hills O’Wannie / The High Level Ranters - King’s Hall, Joan Of Carrick / Billy Pigg - Gypsy’s Lullaby, The Hawk, Memories, Coates Hall / George Atkinson - Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be? / Joe Hutton - Sir Sidney Smith’s March, Lovat Scouts, Roxburgh Castle, Bonny North Tyne, Alston Flower Show / The Cut And Dry Band - Sunderland Lasses, Lads Of Alnwick / The High Level Ranters - Fenwick Of Bywell / Joe Hutton - Barrington Hornpipe, Rowley Burn / The High Level Ranters - Proudlock’s Hornpipe, Hesleyside Reel / Tom Clough - Ho’ley Ha’penny, Elsie Marley / The Cut And Dry Band - John Fenwick’s The Flower Among Them / Colin Caisley & Forster Charlton - Salmon Tails Up The Water, The Herd On The Hill, Sweet Hesleyside / The High Level Ranters - Coilsfield House, Thom’s March / Billy Pigg - Skye Crofters, The Swallow’s Tail / The Cut And Dry Band - My Laddie Sit’s O’er Late Up, Shew’s The Way To Wallington, Drops Of Brandy / The High Level Ranters - The Surprise / The Cut And Dry Band - Bonny Woodside, Coffee Bridge, Dr Whittaker’s Hornpipe, Nancy / The High Level Ranters - Hexham Quadrille, Kielder Fells

Various Artists - Spirit Of The Border
     Nimbus, NI 5615
Tracklisting: Chris Ormston - The Blackbird / Anthony Robb & Geoff Purvis - Whinham's Reel, Nancy / Richard Butler - Proudlock's Hornpipe, Rothbury Hills Hornpipe / Colin Ross, Chris Ormston & Adrian Schofield - Stool Of Repentance, Hexham Races / Adrian Schofield - An Cuilin (The Cooling) / Alan Jones & Ralph Thompson - Cuckold Come Out Of Amrey / Chris Ormston - The Bonnie Pit Laddie / Anthony Robb & Geoff Purvis - Madame Bonaparte / Richard Butler - Memories Of Wallington / Anthony Robb, Jamie Robb, Colin Ross & Adrian Schofield - Four Bare Legs Together, Kiss Her Under The Coverlet / Colin Ross & Chris Ormston - Spirit Of The Border / Geoff Purvis - Port Gan Ainm, Tobin's Favourite, Tell Her I Am / Anthony Robb & Geoff Purvis - Yellow Haired Laddie, Hesleyside Reel / Richard Butler - Salmon Tails Up The Water, Johnny Armstrong, Redesdale Hornpipe / Alan Jones & Ralph Thompson - Mrs Jamieson's Favourite / Adrian Schofield - Gillian's Apples, My Darling's Asleep, King Of The Pipers / Anthony Robb & Jamie Robb - Here's The Tender Coming, Go To Berwick Johnny / Richard Butler - Sir John Fenwick's The Flower Amang Them All / Colin Ross & Chris Ormston - The Willow Tree, Mr Kennedy North / Colin Ross, Chris Ormston & Adrian Schofield - Oyster Wife's Rant, Lads Of Alnwick

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Other References

Northumberland Words: A Glossary of Words'. Richard Oliver Heslop, Two volumes, 1896.


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