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The Grand Catalog of Conrad Bladey's Beuk of Newcassel Sangs
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Directory 1

the Keel Row Billy Boy When the Boat comes In The Row Between the Cages Andrew Carrr MyLord 'Size The Gunstan' Afloat Come Geordie--ha'd the Bairn or Aw wish thy Muther wad come Spottie
Keep your Feet StillGeordie Hinny The
Dolia Have you seen Elsie Marley? Sair Fyel'd Hinny The Fiery Clock Fyece The Sailors are a' at the Bar The Pitman's Courtship Here's The Tender Coming
Byker Hill The Lambton Worm Come ye not from Newcastle Cushie Butterfield Up the Raw Cappy's the Dog Use and Abuse The Weshin-Day The Tyne Exile's Lament
The Bonnie Pit Laddie
The Bonny Keel Laddie
The Water of Tyne The Collier's Rant The Sandgate Lass's Lament The Amphitrite The Peacock Followed the Hen The Keelman's Reason for Attending Church The Little Pee-dee Holiday Gown
Bobby Shaftoe Newcastle Beer Canny Newcassel Buy Broom Buzzems Aboot the Bush Willy Hydrophobie The Jenny Hoolet or Lizzie Mudie's Ghost A.U. Hinny Burd The New Keel Row

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Directory 2

Chevy Chase The Hexhamshire Lass Durham Old Women Adam Buckham, O!
Maw Canny Hinny

Captain Bover

Weary Cutters

My Dearie Sits Ower Late Up;
Or, My Bonnie Bay Mare and I
The Miller's Wife of Blaydon

The Little Priest of Felton
Till the Tide Comes In
The Durham Lock-Out Durham Gaol

A Verse on Durham Gaol
Footy' Again the Wall The Horrid War i' Sangyet
XYZ At Newcastle Races The De'il Stick The Minister Felton Lonnin' The Wedding O' Blyth or Blue's Gaen Oot O' The Fashion
Shew's the Way to Wallington The Shoemakker Geordie Black The Blackleg Miners
FOUR PENCE A DAY  The Pitmen are
Not Bonny Lads
The Bonnie Gateshead Lass Wor Nannys a Mazer
Sally Gee Blow the wind Southerly Cliffs of old Tynemouth Ca' Hawkie through the water
The Press Gang Came to Willie Newcastle Lullaby The Trimdon Grange Explosion Swalwell Hopping

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Directory 3

Mally Dunn Be Kind te me Dowter The Gallowgate Lad Me Little Wife At Hyem The Cat Pie
The Lass that Leeves Next Door Jack's Listed i' the Ninety-Ite Dinnet Clash the Door Newcassil Queer Customs
Throo Drinkin Bitter Beer Narvis Johnny The Row Upon the Stairs The Strike Ne Wark
Newcastle and London Boat Match The Collier Swell Celebrated Working Man The Hedgehog Pie Liberty for the Sailors
The Bonny Moor Hen The Caller Perseveer or The Nine Oors Movement Robin Spraggon's Auld Grey Mare The Glister
A Newcastle Sang Charity The Marla Hill Ducks
Imprisoned for Trespassing
Oakey's Keeker The Oakey Strke Evictions
The Sheel Raa Flood The Ghost that 'aunted Bunty The Sooth Medomsley Strike The Howty Towty Lass Pot Pies and Puddens
Amble Feast The Happenny Woods at Bedlington Sally Lee The Skipper's Wedding THE SANDGATE LASS ON THE ROPERY BANKS
Geordie's Penker The Tyne Blackett's Field Bob Cranky's Size Sunday Bob Cranky's Complaint
The Bonny Geatsiders 1805 Bob Cranky's Adieu WAGGONER  The Weary Cutters The Collier's Pay Week
The Quayside Shaver Newcastle Fair
Oct. 1811
The Fisher Laddie The Kye's Come Home Hobby Elliott

Joey Jones

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Directory 4 Tunes With Out Lyrics

Fenwick O' Bywell Blackett O' Wylam My Love is Newly Listed Sandhill Corner
Morpeth Rant Durham Rangers Hoop Her and Gird Her Coquetside
Wylam Away Sunderland Lasses Leazes Hopping Blanchland Races
Newburn Lads Stay A Wee Bit, Bonny Lad The Fair Maid of Whickham Sir John Fenwick's the Flower amang them All
Kafoozalum Proudlock's Hornpipe The Hills of Alva

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Directory 5

The Pitman Jarrow Colliery Opening I A North Shields Song Song
(Five wives at Acomb)
Brandling and Ridley
Jarrow Colliery II 1809 Cull alias Silly Billy Ha ye seen oot . Cullercoats Fishwife The Harrins Heed
RAP 'ER TE BANK  The Eagle Steam Packet Jemmy Joneson's Whurry The Baboon Billy Oliver's Ramble
Parody on Billy Oliver's Ramble The Tyne Cossacks The Pitman's Revenge Bob Cranky's Leum'nation Neet The Pitman's Skellyscope
Bob Cranky's Account Of the Ascent of Mr. Sadler's Balloon Sept 1, 1815 The Mayor of Bordeaux
or Mally's Misake
Winlaton Hopping The Sandhill Monkey The Skipper's Dream
The Politicans Newcastle Wonders
or, Hackney Coach Customers
Quayside Ditty A Shields Soliloquy The Green-Wives Lamentation
The Cobbler O' Morpeth Sunderland Jammy's Lamentation The Fish-Wives' Complaint, A Petition Canny Sheels
Permanent Yeast The Pitman's Ramble
Or Newcastle Finery
Coaly Tyne Newcassel Races The Quack Doctors
Peggy's Leg Nanny of the Tyne The Newcastle Signs The Wonderful Gutter The Local Militia-Man Skipper's Account of the Orange Man's Procession


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Directory 6

Masquerade at Newcastle Theatre
Or, the Pitman turned Critic
Nancy Wilkinson Green's Balloon The Newgate-Street Petition Burdon's Address to His Cavalry
The Collier's Keek At the Nation Blind Willie Singing Bold Archy & Blind Willie's Lament
On the Death of Captain Starkey
A Voyage to Lunnin The Newcassel Props
Newcassel Wonders II Tim Tunbelly The Fair Flower of Northumberland Johnny Luik Up The Bobby Cure
The Blaydon Keelman The Rifleman Hogg and Foster's Race The Cabman John Spencer
Newcastle Celebrities Bullerwell and Summer's Race Teasdale Wilson The City Champion The Sheels Lass for Me The Stephenson Monument
Chambers The Barber's News The Bonassus Shields Chain Bridge The Tyne #2
The Spring Parson Malthus Peter Waggy Bessy of Blyth Kelvin Grove-The Lassie's Answer
To Mr. Peter Watson The Newcastle Subscription Mill Lizzie Liberty The New Fish Market A New Year's Carol
Jesmond Mill Tommy Thompson Farewell to the Tyne Northumberland Free O' Newcassel The Duchess and Mayoress

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Directory 7

Newcastle Assizes
or a Struggle for Precedence
The Coal Trade Tom Carr and Waller Watson
or Tom and Jerry at Home
Johnny Sc-tt and Tommy C-rr Tommy C-rr in Limbo
The Kitty Port Admiral at the Bench
or, Dogberry in the Suds.
The Owl Lovely Delia Pandon Dean Newcastle Hackneys
Newcastle Improvements Come up to the Scratch
Or, the Pitman Haggish'd
The Pitman's Dream
Or, A description of the North Pole
The Pitman's Dream
Or, His Description of the Kitchen
Famed Filly Fair;
Or, A Peep into Pilgrim Street
T--ly's Best Blood Newcastle Hackney Coaches The Newcastle Noodles British Justice
Or, Newcastle Privy Court
Cull Billy's Prize
The Bewildered Skipper The Coquet for Ever The Colier's Wedding The Auld Fisher's Last Wish The Fishermen Hung The Monkey O!
The Misfortunes of Roger and His Wife Newcastle Theatre in an Uproar Farewell, Archy Sir Tommy Made an Odd Fellow Wreckenton Hiring
On Russell the Pedestrian On Simpson the Pedestrian's Failure The Victory 
or, The Captain Done Over
The Alarm!!!
Or, Lord Fauconberg's March
The Half-Drowned Skipper
The Newcastle Worthies Humanum Est Errare
Old Nick's Visit to H__s Kitchen
Invitation to the Mansion House Dinner The Newcastle
Swineherd's Proclamation
The Golden Horns or
The General Invitatoin
Loyal Festivities Picture of Newcastle
Or, George the Fourth's Coronation
Newcastle in an Uproar Coronation Day At Newcastle Coronation Thursday
July 19, 1821


Directory 8

Blind Willy's Flight The New Markets I The Changes on the Tyne The Custom House Branch I The Custom House Tree &c.
The Custom House Branch II The Mechanics' Procession;
Or a Trip to South Shields
The Fishermans 
Farewell to the Coquet 
A Gipsy's Song Verses Written for the Burn's Club
A Parody Thomas Whittell, His Humorous Letter To good Master Moody, Razor-setter. The Natural Philosopher The Gateshead Rads The Election Day
Mary Drue Opening of the New Markets The New Markets II More Innovations The Humble Petition of the Old House in the Shield-Field
Euphy'sCoronation Sandgate Wife's Nurse Song Bold Jack of the Journal Steam Soup An Old and Curious Song
Newcastle Landlords-1834 A New Song for Barge-Day 1835 St. Nicolas' Church Paganini, The Fiddler Thumping Luck
The Oyster-Wife's Petition St. Nicholas' Great Bell Lukey's Deam Jocker The Corn Market
The Mechanics' Procession Drucken Bella Roy, O! The Music Hall The Tyne #3 The Newcastle Old Country Gentleman


Directory 9

Beggar's Wedding Commit No Nonsense Cookson's Alkali The Pitman's Ramble #2 The Worthy Rector
The Battle of Spitaloo Battle on the Shields Railway The Worthy Rector The Battle of Spitaloo Battle on the Shields Railway
Blind Willie's Death Geordy's Disaster Jossy's Nag's Head The April Gowk
Or The Lovers Alarmed
The Skipper's Mistake
Newcastle Beer Vs 
Spa Water
The Pitman's Pay The Newcastle Blunderbuss
or Travelling Extradordinary
A Pitman's Visit to Newcastle on
Valentines Day
The Skipper in the Mist
The Miraculous Well; or Newcastle Spa Water The Skipper's Fright The Sangate Pant;
or, Jane Jemieson's Ghost
The Birth-Day of Queen Victoria Donocht-Head
The Herbage Committee The Bear Club The Lass of Wincomblee On the Death of Bold Archy Blind Willie's Epitaph
What Gud Can Sweerin De? George Stephenson The Row Iv a Public Hoose Jimmy's Gettin Wark! Geordey O!
Canny Man! The Battle of Otterburn A Fytte The Hunting of the Cheviat Fit the Second

Directory 10 .

Fair Mabel of Wallington Song V George Stoole The Ballad of Eckys Mare The Midford Galloway's Ramble
By Thomas Whittel
The Insipids
Or The Mistress with her Multitude of Man Servants. by Thomas Whittel
Sawney Ogilby's  Duel with his WifeBy Thomas Whittel The Felton Garland The Laidley Worm On the First Rebellion Sword Dances
Ride Through Sandgate Contradicshun The Chep that Knaws Nowt Jesmond Pic-Nic
Grainger Street
Cadjin For Beer Ungrateful Bill When Gud Luck Shows its Fyece Careless Jack Bella Ramsey's Lad
Dinnet Let Words Myek Ye Sad! Aw've Lost me Bonny Lad Mistriss Taylor's Poisin! That Factory Lass Divvent Bother Us Se!
Bonny Sally Wheatley Ni Wark The Return of the Gallowgate Lad The Gallowgate Lad's Weddin Aw Wish Yor Fethur Wes Here
Sunday Neets at Jesmond Gardens The Drapers' Appeal Wor Peg's Trip te Tynemouth Bessie Walker Prepare for What's Te Cum!
The Jiggin Doon the Shore Whisperin Pride Meggie Bell The Noodle an' Rifleman's Dispute

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  Directory 11  

The Blanchland Murder Th’ Row I’ Th’ Gutter Corry’s Rat Tanfeeld Lee SilvorModil Band Th’ Skeul Bord Man
Bobby and Bet Funny Nuaims It Tanfeeld Pit Th’ Wheelbarrow Man Stanla Markit Th’ Borth E Th’ Lad
Tanfield Braike The Kaiser and the War (recitation) Murder of Mary Donnelly (recitation) Old Folks Tea at West Stanley (Recitation) Consett Choir Calamity
The Angler's Song- In Praise of the Coquet At Home Wad  I Be The Banks of the Coquet The Banks of Tyne Bellingham
The Blooming Heather Down in Yon Meadows Fill the Tankard Hinny The Fisherman's Boy Green Bushes
If I had Gold A' Gowpens Jenny Dang the Weaver John of Badenyon The Mouse's Song Of All the Youths
Nice Young Maidens Rest! Warrior, Rest And Sae Will We Yet Three Sheep Skins

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Directory 12

My Eppie

The Northumbrians
  Sigh for His Native
Une Bagatelle.

A South Shields

Broom Busoms II

For to make the Haggish Nishe


The Vanished Rose Restored

A Sunderland Song

Northern Nursery Song
Tyne Fair

The Impatient Lass

Bold Archy Drowned

The Devil; Or, The Nanny Goat.

The Cliffs of Virginia

The Newcastle Millers

The Lament.

The Newgate Street Petition To Mr. Mayor

Blind Willie V. Billy Scott

Tars and Skippers

Weel May the Keel Row
That gets the Bairns their Breed

Opening of the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway

The Movement

The Pea Jacket

A Glance At Polly Technic

The Market Day


The Colours


King Willy's Coronation

The Skipper's Visit to the Polytechnic

Mally and the Prophet

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Directory 13

The Curds-And-Cream House Ghost.

The Wizard of the North; or, The Mystic Policeman.

Merry Lads of Gyetshead

The Pitman and the Blackin'

The Newcastle Lad;
Luckey's Dream St. Nicholas' Church The Noodle Marsden Rock The Exile's Return
The Wonderful Tallygrip When We were at the Skuel Polly's Nickstick The High Level Bridge Callerforney
The Pawnshop Bleezin' Days and Deeds of Shakspere

Hamlick, Prince of Denton.

The Pitman's Happy Times. Betty Beesley and Her Wooden Man.
He Wad Be a Noodle The Toon Improvement Bill The Rise in Coals Asstrilly: or, The Pitman's Farewell Asstrilly's Goold Fields; or, Tommy Carr's Letter
Tommy Carr's Adventures in Asstrilly Bobby the Boxer Warkworth Feast The Kipper'd Herrin' Deeth O' Billy Purvis

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Directory 14New Page 1
The Greet Bull-Dog O' Shields


The Comet: or, The Skipper's Fright.


The Fire on the Kee Chambers and White
The Deeth O' Cuckoo Jack
Wor Tyneside Champions


The Queen Has Sent A Letter;


The Queen's Visit to Cherbourg Stage-Struck Keelman The Soop Kitchin
The High Level An' the Aud Bridge Cat-Gut Jim, The Fiddler Jackey and Jenny. Whitley Camp The Time That Me Fethur Wes Bad.
Jimmy's Deeth The Pitman's Tickor An' the Wag-At-The-Wa' The Pitman's Visit to Stephenson's Monument Jack's Wooden Leg The Forst ov Owt Ye Had


Or, the Nine Oors Movemint
She's Sumboddy's Bairn The Chinese Sailors in Newcastle The Flay Craw;Or, Pee Dee's Mishap Jack Simpson's Bairn
Heh Ye Seen Wor Cuddy?


Aw Wish Pay Friday Wad Cum


Cuddy Willy's Deeth The Bobbies an' the Dogs Bob Chambers
Howdon for Jarrow Newcastle Toon Nee Mair A Tow for Nowt. The Singin'-Hinney The Tyneside Chorus
When the Gud Times Cum Agyen Aw's Glad the Strike’s Duin The Dandylion Clock The Illektric Leet. The Sheep-Killin' Dog



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Directory 15 Joe Wilson Songs

Me Muther's Warnin!  Keept Dark  Tyneside Lads for Me  Canny Aud Crismis  Its Muther's Cum Newgate Street  The Bairn's Nyem. It's Time Te Gan Te Bed. Thor's Cumfort Iv A Smoke!
Its Time te Get up! She's Gyen Te Place At Jarrow The Day That We Got Married "Aw Wish Ye A Happy New Eer." Varry Canny Jimmy Jonsin The Barber  Benny 'Ill not Gan Te Scheul!  Think O' The Little Ones At Hyem!
The Neet the Bairn Wes Born
 Think O' The Little Ones At Hyem!  Little Johnny Robinson.  Maw Bonny Strite-Hair'd Lad!  Benny 'Ill not Gan Te Scheul!  Wor Canny Second-Born! Aw'll Sing Ye A Tyneside Sang  Kiss Little Joe for Me!  Cum Hyem I' Gud Time! Wor Jinny's Fell Oot Wiv Her Lad!


 Keep The Kettle Boilin!  Recknin' For the Pay
Here's A Tip!
 The Day His Wife Wes Barried  Hannah's Black Eye Hoo Te Leeve At Lodjins!  Fightin Jim!  Hoo Te Myek Mischeef!  What Myed Ye Get the Bag?
Intoxication! Me Sweetheart Dinnet Spoil the Bairn! The Aud-Fashin'd Bairn! Superstishus Sally. Dan's Apprehension.  Janey Foster  The Miseries O' Shiftin Settled Doon.

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Directory 16

More Songs of Joe Wilson
From:Tyneside Songs&Drolleries Thomas and George Allan, Newcastle-on-Tyne

 What that Man  Might Heh Been!  Geordey, O!  Reedin Aud Letters!  Aw Like Young Geordey Weel He's Gyen Te Be a Bobby 
 Mary Lister!  Geordy's Villossipeed!  
Wor fam'Ley!
 The Flash Young Waiter.
 The Lass Wi' the Cast Iv Her Eye.
 Meggie Upstairs.  Me Little Wife At Hyem!  Geordey At the Races  Cum Back, Jack!
"Aw Wundor What Jinny 'Ill Hev." 
Sparrin At the Claes He Wants Te Be A Mormon! Hungry Geordey! Lally Near the Deeth-Bed O' Bessie!
The Pork-Shop Lass. Cawd Feet Run Efter Him, Maw Bonny Bairn Kickin the Deevil Doonstairs If it Haddent Been Her Nose
When Aw Wesh Me-Sel! The Fitter Sweep! Sivilised Wor Feulish Ned! The Second Fiddler

Ye've Lost A whole Half-Croon!

The Bobbies I' The Beerhoose. Bad Beuts. The Flower o' Tyneside. She Once Wes A Sprightly Young Fairy.
The Lads Upon the Wear! Ye Knaw! Ye See! The Glorious Vote Be Ballot Ye Talk Aboot Cheps Bein Bashful. When A' Thor Mem'ry's Gyen
The Life Ov A Spunge! I' The Gloom. A Happy Neet At Hyem! Drunken Dolly's Deeth. The Sober Real Injoyment Feel.
Cum Hyem Wi' Me! The Horrors! Aw's Forced Te Gan Away! Try, Maw Hinny, Try! Charley's Across the Sea.
Cullercoats Bay Aa Could Hew Died of Love Gan ti the kye wi' me Jowl and Listen
Oh the Bonny Fisher Lad        


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