In an information age when we have more sources than ever before imagined it is important that the folklorist adapts to focus upon the issues of applied folklore and anthropology which will shift the focus from information gathering to cultural revitalization and growth of the tradition. Hutman Productions is dedicated to doing more than just collecting and publishing. We do our work so that the cultures will be revitalized and that the artifacts we document and preserve will be given active lives. To this end we have addressed several important issues with dynamic web pages. See what you can do to help make a cultural difference.

Applied Cultural Archeology
The only way Forward-
We need to address the human interface with the Archeological record as an environmental concern. click here

The Oral Tradition Realm
click here
How to move beyond professional performance based storytelling to build dynamic storytelling cultures.

Freemusic click here
How do we go about inspiring and protecting living musical traditions?

Walk to Drink click here
Why should anyone have to be driven or drive to drink responsibly and legally?

Baltimore Food
click here
What not to miss in out if you don't go now it will be gone?

Real Bread click here
Where to get real bread in Baltimore

Ban Alternative Easter Hymns click here

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