Free Music/Folk Arts for Free People
Let us dance at the crossroads again...
Grant us the music of the birds of the Earth's organic glory...C.J.B.1999

The musician here is probably not playing for money. Traditionally ordinary people played music.
I am Conrad Bladey please take a moment to consider how you might help to restore folk and traditional music and all folk arts to the people-as a gift upon the wind for the soul. 
The tradition demands that we share the music whenever we can-as a gift upon the wind ! Just do it! Start Here:
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The Oral Trad.
 "Their houses were given free to anyone 
  who'd play music or a danceset " -J.MacNamara

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 "There was music in nearly every house where we come from up in the humps, hollows, wet, bad land, all bog and lake....It was within you and you could take it with you wherever you went in life"-Pete Woods

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Event Guidelines
What a freed music event looks like
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"It was a place I could never go but be sensible of music"- Pete Woods

The music and philosophy of Peadar O'Riada sing out my philosophy loud and clear. You are well advised to read his recording notes and listen to the earth  and world  speak  through his music.
"the sixties--a time when much of the music was played at sessions in the houses  around.   The pub has taken  over this role now and quite often commercial interests dictate the pace, quality and repertoire of the music played. I regret this."
"....It seems to me  to be  a bit  odd to   take away the parameters within which the live performance takes place.  Nature is full of great music, and I have tried to reflect accurately its presence in my life...I am not the composer but a window through which the voice of my people may sometimes be heard"
-Peadar O'Riada, Winds-Gentle Whisper, Notes. 1996,Bar None Records AHAON-068-2

Pete woods teaches us of the root of all music within the tunes and the interpreters of the mind. these work without the aid of the performer or the sound man- they, you must understand, are not the true live parts of the music!!! They are mortal while the tunes remain immortal no matter how they are played nor how,when, or where  they are heard.

"Music was everywhere with me"-Pete Woods
"Reid used to say, "It's no matter a jot how bad a musician is, especially if he's a middlin' auld fella, you'll always learn something
from him, another tune or a tune in a different setting. "And that was true, for without the people who kept it alive, both good and bad
musicians, there would be no music.  Without the man who took up his fiddle to scratch out a few tunes at the end of his day's work,
or the woman, like my own mother, who took the time to show her children how the different sounds were  made, the only notes that
would be on the air would come from the birds."-Pete Woods p. 46.

We must always remember that when we are dealing with the folk tradition we are dealing with
the mother's milk of generations for which there can be no fee or charge without clogging the nipple!.
If you need to pay money go get a plastic jug of the tradition from a professional player or crafter. No child can grow
in the tradition however, without the free flow of mothers milk. There is no substitute!-C.Bladey 1998

Here is the philosopy of  Packy Burn- I think it has relevance for us all.
"I do know that some of the old musicians, like musicians my age, are a little bit
narrow-minded when it comes to giving out tunes.  Like, if they would compose a tune, or
pick up a tune in some foreign area, that they knew wasn't in this particular area, they
would come & play it here, but they wouldn't want, they would look down on a tape recorder or anything like that
and.....they wouldn't play it too many times, in case somebody picked it up. You know, I don't like that
feeling, I think that is wrong, wrong.  And the same thing about songs.  There are people jealously
guarding their songs, and, good God, songs and music's for everybody. Like, songs & music, it's a
language, why not spread it?  It's in the air all around you.  Why, if we were keen
enough to pick it up, the breeze out there in the trees is music.  Therefore, it don't belong
to anyone.  It comes from, I don't know where, but it, music is to be spread around.
I would love to have a bunch of kids around me, as I sometimes do have, and I would
play away at music for them.  I wouldn't mind. I'd love that, because I think, the thing
about it is, one day, I don't know how soon, but, I'm bound to die, I'll not live forever.
And when I do, I don't want the music that I've spent years & years learning, back home
when I was a kid, I don't want that to go down in the soil with me.  Even though I won't
be there to hear it, I would like to think, the day before I die that, well, there's one thing
about it, the tunes I've been playing over the last sixty-five or whatever, sixty-six, years
I am now, at least, that's going to be carried on. That's the tradition. That's how the
way to keep the tradition going.  But I'm afraid there are some people that just don't
look at it that way.  And it's such a pity."
                                               - Packy Burn KC public radio program "Ballads, Bards, & Bagpipes:"

Our philosophy sets out to free the tradition and restore the presence of  music and folk
arts  and productions within society. We agree that any entrance fee and copyright  are  barriers
to those who wish to partake of the wonders of  tradition and we see any division of status between the performer and the people
to be an unfortunate intrusion of values of the modern world and international culture. This intrusion  hinders the free  transmission
of the culture which occurs best amongst equals. We do not believe that performance as performance as entertainment contributes
to transmission and growth of the tradition as does face to face interaction and production of
cultural artifacts primarily for the purposes of transmission and development of the culture.
While we recognize that there has always been a paid and patronized  professional musician class we also recognize that once the
active production  music and other folk arts  permeated society at all levels and was found virtually everywhere. Professional musicians
in such a culture were the exception rather than the rule. Musicians and all folk artists, as ordinary  people all must walk the same earth
upon the same paths and share freely their skills and productions.

The free and unrestricted exchange of cultural productions- tunes and stories and craft is an obligation of  the musician or performer or crafter. Loyalty  must be first to the tradition  and not to profit or fame. We respect that there will always be a performer or commissioned artist but we also realize that without effective and unrestricted free transmission that there is little chance for the revival of folk ways within the culture as a whole.  It is not quality  but the very existence of the tradition and its continued transmission which is important. The more people reached,however, the more possibility of locating genius.   Have a question about our philosophy? send e.mail
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Event Guidelines
"You'd rely for learning on the traveling musicians and on the men
that might travel seven miles one direction and you another seven to meet at a fair"-Pete Woods

"Competitions, No he said "It changes the music and what gives anyone the right to judge"
-Pete Woods p.102

"I went over to lok at a hollow in the field. It was early in the morning and the dew was still heavy on the grass. The holliow was filled with a mist and I walked down into it.  I don't know how long I was down there. I have no memory of it beyond hearing music. I didn't see anything ore anyone, playing or otherwise.  It just seemed the most natural thing in the world that there should be music coming from nowhere in a hollow in a field...."
-Pete Woods p.108

Freed  Events strive  to come as close as possible to an organic relationship
between the music, craft, tradition, performer and listener. There should be no barrier or
artificial link between them. Following this basic guideline will help to free your music.
It is really not appropriate for us to talk of events. Ours are more just sort of arranged
happenings.  It takes determination and effort to free your event  but it will be well
worth it. Here are the guidelines which must be followed for a Freed Music (or craft or folk) event.
We will soon have suggestions as to how these guidelines might be implemented. We
are interested in all forms of input. Let us know your suggestions. send e.mail


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"We played music together on the weekends, for fun and not for a living.  Once I was playing for sport it changed my music.  It started to come easier to me. " -Peter Woods p.131

If your event follows the guidelines and philosophy outlined on these pages then we
will gladly provide publicity here. Please send us your information by e. mail. Describe
the event and provide contact addresses. If you wish for us to use your e.mail for a link
please give permission. This is a free service click here to send e.mail
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This piper is most likely
a professional -a member of
the musician class patronized
by the elite. After the fall of
the warlord chefs such
musicians became traveling
teachers and dance masters
who would also hire themselves
out for a fee. This class of
professionals was small. Most
people played their own music
as a part of their daily lives
at home, at work,  at the 
crossroads and at fairs. The
goal is that music should 
once again  reside with the
people and pros alike!
"I would travel anywhere I was asked to play"-Pete Woods p.43

We will post information concerning any participating musician or performer  or craftsman 
here. send e.mail

Performing and playing according to our philosophy and guidelines does not mean that you can not also be a professional musician and make money!  Nor that just because artists work without fee that there will be no quality! One does have to live! And we respect that some exist within the professional patronized class. But, the making of music or art is not restricted to the professional. Additionally the custom of setting musicians and artists appart blocked off by fences from the people is most inappropriate for anything or event using the name folk or celtic. 

Our events will allow you to sell your own recordings and the usual materials- tee shirts books etc.... We will in fact have no middleman and no fee for your spot -so you will be ahead won't you. Additionally we encourage you to bring flyers so that you can make each member of the audience a loyal fan who will turn up at all of your pay for view venues, purchase your recordings and materials and essentially contribute toward your every success. 

The difference in our events is that you will reach absolutely everyone who can get to the event and freely walk in the door. Think of the entry fee we are not charging as going toward that cd purchase or toward obtaining tickets for your next concert! I think it is well worth the investment! Think also of that visitor as your next band member- a person able to put roots down into the tradition not as a mere visitor but as a participant. When the tradition grows in this way we all benefit! 
We will help all who contribute and make themselves  available for events by listing them and their products on these pages. Let us know who  and where you are! send e.mail

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The Oral Traditional Realm
Tellers Of Traditional Stories not Interested in Copyright.

The TOTSNIIC concept has recently evolved into a concern for the development of the Oral Traditional Realm
You may read more about it here:
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Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.
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Quotations above are from:

O'Riada, Pedar. Winds-Gentle Whisper. Bar None Records, AHAON 068-2, 1996.
(A wonderful CD- a good proclamation of his philosophy)

See Also:
O'Riada, Pedar., Amidst These Hills., Bar None Records, AHAON-053, 1994.

The Living Note. "The Heartbeat of Irish Music"
Text:Peter Woods
Photographs: Christy McNamara
The O'Brien Press
This is essential reading!
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