Travels with Charley and Mrs. Helen
A Tour Guide to Linthicum Monuments

John Charles Linthicum and his wife Helen A. Linthicum changed the nation, and as patriots of the gilded age pursuing the gospel of wealth helped many charitable organizations. The couple also left many memorials and buildings through which their lives can be remembered. Join us as we journey to visit the wonderful monuments that they created.

Few today know of the Linthicums or of their achievements. John Charles Linthicum was a representative from Maryland in Congress. He served an extremely long term. While in Congress Mr. Linthicum launched the first legislation on the floor of Congress to repeal prohibition. He saved Fort McHenry and helped Congress designate the Star Spangled Banner as the National Anthem. The face of Baltimore was forever changed. He helped preserve the warship Constellation which can now be visited in Baltimore. Mrs. Linthicum was once the most well known woman in Baltimore and Washington. She helped her husband with his work and funded many charities while serving in the DAR and other patriotic organizations. Our booklet Travels with Charley and Mrs. Helen. takes the reader on a tour of sites and objects relating to the Linthicum as it tells the story of their lives. A great source for the historian which brings to life the lives of these two notable Americans.
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