Places In Ireland Associated with Saint Patrick

                  Lough Derg (Red Lake) Co. Donegal.
                  Shrine to Saint Patrick. He killed a monster there and the water was stained with its blood.
                  blood dyed the water red. Pilgrimage (3 days) June to the 15th of August. The Loch cures the seven deadly sins.


Saint Patrick's Isle  Isle of Man, Just off coast of Ireland. Site of arrival of the saint. St Patrick's Isle is one of the smallest Islands in the Irish Sea and yet one of the most historic, with an extraordinary history stretching back over eight thousand years.It has been the home of princesses and bishops, monks and Vikings, peasants and fisherman.The story begins some six thousand years before Christ when hunter gatherers made their way here, attracted by the abundant fish, and the fresh water of the nearby river.By the time of the Dark Ages and the unrest throughout Europe, the isolation of St Patrick's Isle made it an ideal place for safety, for storing grain in times of siege, and for establishing the King's court.It was here, tradition tells us, that the great Saint Patrick stepped ashore to bring Christianity to the Isle of Man, and a monastery and early churches were established.This wealth attracted the Vikings who had started to plunder the Irish Sea coasts by the 10th century, and by the 11th century they had built a fort on the Island under the intriguingly named King Magnus Barelegs.After the Viking period, the Isle of Man was fought over by the Scottish and English powers, and eventually it came under English rule at the beginning of the 14th century, and was gifted to a certain Sir John Stanley by King Henry IV. >From this time on, St Patrick's Isle was used both by the Church and the Lords of Mann, though not without frequent arguments as to who was really in control. Eventually the castle was abandoned in the 18th century when the garrison was moved out to one of th e other Island towns. Soon afterwards the lead was stripped from the Cathedral roof, and the stained glass removed. Gradually, the buildings deteriorated until today, all we see is a picturesque ruin, albeit on a dramatic sea swept location. The soft pink sandstone has been scoured by centuries of wind racing in off the Irish Sea, and the pillars and arches of the buildings are weathered into strange shapes. Nowadays, instead of the singing of monks or the shouting of soldiers, it is the constant arguing of seagulls that fills the air, along with the endless sound of the sea, over which so much richness and tragedy has come to this tiny Island over so many thousands of years.

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                  Downpatrick Shrine- Downpatrick, Northern Ireland.
                  The Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity (earlier known as  Church of Dendalethglass) Burial site of-
                  Saint Patrick, Saint Brigid, and Saint Columba .  Bell, tooth, and hand
                  from Saint Patrick found in  12 th century. Hand was enshrined in silver
                  put in the high altar of the Abbey Church. Water  poured through  heals sores. Relics are now in the national museum Dublin.

                  Glastonbury Shrine
                  Relics from Patrick translation feast: August 24th.

                  Sabhail (Barn) County Down, Northern Ireland.
                  Saint Patrick death site here. Last communion received there from Bishop Tassach. The
                  first church founded by Saint Patrick is located at Mag-inis. The ground is considered holy.

                  Ard Macha  a.k.a.  Armagh  or Macha's Height  Northern Ireland.
                  Saint Patrick built the Cathedral Church and founded the See of Armagh in 444 AD. The Primate of
                  the Church of Ireland is housed there today. Two ruins nearby on Tóchar Phádraig Saint Patrick's
                  Road are Struel Wells and a rock formation called Saint Patrick's Chair that is part of Struell Hill.

                  Croagh Patrick (Patrick's Hill) Westport, Co. Mayo.
                  Mountain  Patrick prayed for 40 days of Lent while  fasting. Popular
                   pilgrimages to Croagh Patrick: last Sunday in July. Known as the:  Holy Mountain, or the
                  Reek. County Roscommon  Church of Aghanagh and Shancoe Founded by Saint in Co. Mayo.
                 Ballymote   County Sligo.
                  Saint founded  parish of Taunagh, consecrated Bishop Bron.

                  Kells    Island of Stone Kells (Head Fort) Co Meath.
                    Round tower,  building, and The Cross of Patrick and Columba. Also other stone crosses.

                  Inchagoill (Island of The Devout Stranger Island of Stone ) Lough Corrib, Co. Galway.
                   Fifth century Tempull Phádraig and  Church of the Saints.  eleventh century . 

                  Donagh-Patrick (The Church of Patrick) Co. Meath.
                 Bishop Mel  concecrated by  Saint Patrick  here. Patrick directs  building of Rahan Church
                 of the Diocese of na Mí or Meath.

                  Dunshaughlin Co. Meath.
                  Domnach Sechnaill church St.Sechnall. wrote his hymn about the saint here
                  23 stanzas long, and is known as Hymn in Patrick's Praise.

                  Wells and Caves

                  Dublin (Black Pool)

                  Saint Patrick's Cathedral contains a stone slab called Saint Patrick's Well Stone. Once covered   Saint Patrick's Well from
                  the ninth century AD. Saint Patrick used the well to baptize converts.

                  Bally-lig-Patrick (Patrick's Hollow) Ballymena.
                  Cave and ruins of  Saint Patrick's Tower.

Ardpatrick, County Limerick
Assaroe, Co. Donegal
Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo
Downpatrick, Co. Down
Downpatrick Head

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