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The Ballad of 
Lindsey Mooney
of Ulster
Ballad of 
Andrew Craig
Protestant I
The Times
They are a 
Volunteers The Courtroom Loyal Protestant II Ulster Volunteer Sandy Row
The Billy
Boys I&2

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The Ballad of Lindsey Mooney

                     Come gather round my comrade

                              a saddened tale I'll tell

                             about upon a foreign land

                           our brave young comrade fell

                          his young life fitted from this land

                            so torn by bomb and strife

                           for Ulster's cause he gave his all

                              and sacrificed his life.

                          Was on a cold St. Patrick's night

                           when Lindseys life was shed

                           as to a bar where rebels were

                          was a car bomb he was spared

                        but something happened on that night

                           our comrades life was through

                          in a foreign land he gave his life

                            in defense of all that's true.

                           We pray that by his sacrifice

                            the world shall see the truth

                           his young life he gave valiantly

                             his death was not in vain.

                          The Ulster flag with its red hand

                             on this land shall remain.

                            So listen now you loyalists

                               as this my tale I end

                             he gave his life for liberty

                             Ulster's people to defend

                             so lets remember always

                             in letters aged and bold

                        remember well this young mans name

                           and the story you've been told.

                          So lift a glass in Lindseys name

                            and remember one and all

                        that while young lads like Lindsey fight

                            Ulster's cause shall never fall

                             his life he gave so loyally

                              the final price he paid

                          in Ulster's cause he lived and died

                                to fight the IRA.

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  Enemies of Ulster

                     The enemies of Ulster are cowards, every one

                  they call themselves the IRA, but they are only scum.

              The souls of those they've murdered, proud from heaven above

                but the enemies of Ulster don't know the word called love.

               They shoot and kill then runaway and crawl back to their den

              these monsters are not human, they are not even men.

                      But their time will come, for mark my word

                           they'll pay the price someday

                    for they'll be cut down like the mad dogs they are

                             by the men of the UDA.

                      One cold dark night in the month of March

                                   in 1971

               three boys just barely in their teens went out to have some fun.

             But these evil men who have no god, to these boys laid their claim

                  and left them lying murdered in a lonely country lane.

                     The protestants of Ulster together must unite

                  to beat these rebel cowards who murder in the night.

                       We'll send them back where they belong

                            to crawl back to their den

                  and Loyalists shall all rejoice, and Ulster's free again.

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Ballad of Andrew Craig

                        Young Andrew Craig was a volunteer

                         He never knew that death was near

                        He walked out one dark Sunday night

                      And his body was found in the morning light

                         And you are a member of the UDA

                       And very proud of it, he always did say

                       As a young volunteer, he did a good job

                        But died at the hands of an IRA mob

                         This brave lad was young at heart

                    But if Ulster had called, he'd have done his part

                           So don't forget you rebel scum

                        Your day of judgment has yet to come

                      And who are buried with honour and pride

                       His UDA comrades were all by his side

                        This was their way of saying good-bye

                       But young Andrews name will never die.

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Loyal Protestant I

                    I am a loyal protestant from Belfast town I come

                    A story I will tell to you about these rebel scum

              They've tried for many year with gun and bomb to wear us down

               But we always will be faithful to the Red Hand and the Crown

                   Whenever I was just a child upon my mothers knee

               She taught me told me I must always fight to keep my liberty

               The words and memory still come back right to this very day

                    For freedom now is threatened by the rebel IRA

              And when at last these evil men have been brought to their knees

                   We'll drink a toast to Ulster and her loyal 6 counties

                  And to all Loyalist prisoners, gods blessing on them be

                to all those loyal brethren grateful thanks from you and me.

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The Times they are a-Changing

                           (Yes, it's what you think it is.)

                     Come on you young brethren and listen to me

                    And pledge that your country stays loyal and free

                       And step proudly forth each 12th of July

                     And let Dublin know now that Ulster wont die


                   And if you love your country you'll stand up and cry

                         That the times they are a-changing.

                 For the people in Dublin with their gold,white and green

                 They don't want the border, they don't want the Queen

                     But the Queen and the border we'll never deny

                     We'll fight to defend them and Ulster wont die.


                   Now Armagh and Antrim Londonderry and Down

                   Tyronne and Fermanagh remain true to the crown

                    They remember Lord Carson, his famous reply

                     No home rule for Ireland and Ulster wont die.


                   For the red hand of Ulster, the red white and blue

                     are the symbols of freedom for me and for you

                  let your watchword be courage, let the union jack fly

                      for we wont surrender and Ulster wont die.

                                  chorus x 2

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                    I return to my home and my heart turned to stone

                          as I visit where I spent my days

                     My people now, as they walk behind the plow

                             are attacked by the IRA.

                   For they work from dawn and their all British born

                      and proud to be Ulster through and through

                   and the land where they live, it was not freely give

                       it was bought by the sweat of their brow.

                    Now the rebels from over the border they come

                     and they tell them this land is not theirs to own.

                   They say they must go, but to where I don't know

                          for Ulster was always their home.

                   They were shot and bombed but they still carry on

                      Though their suffering has gone on for years

               For their freedom was bought when their grandfathers fought

                           Long ago with the volunteers.

                        I am home to stay, I will fight the IRA

                            With the ranks of the YCV

                        To make Ulster free from all tyranny

                           and the land where I was born

                   For the battles not won till Ulster's freedom's won

                       And her people will live no more in tears.

                         But until that day we can only pray

                          and give thanks to the volunteers.

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The Courtroom

                   The judge said stand up boy, and dry up your tears

                     your sentenced to Long Kesh, for 7 long years

                   I know you are loyal to the Queen and the Crown

                  But the laws of this country, make me send you down.

                    Now this was his story, in the courtroom one day

                    When a young loyal protestant was taken away

                  But the lad stood up proudly, and these words he said

                         I'll be true to Ulster, until I am dead.

                   For these tears you see judge, are not tears of fear

                    They're just tears of sadness for those I hold dear

                    I know they'll stand by me, for there will be time

                  For I'll be with my comrades, we stand side by side.

                       So listen you rebels to these words I give

                      You'll never take Ulster as long as you live

                     For we will destroy you, we're loyal and true

                   and the flag over Ulster will be red white and blue.

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A Loyal Protestant  II

                  For I am a loyal protestant, Billy Johnson is my name

               and being faithful to our loyal crown is my only claim to fame

                For I love to watch the Orangemen on the 12th day of July

           And to watch the bands as they pass your stand and hear the battle cry


               For we're only loyal protestants, show your flag and fly it high

             God bless the Queen, long may she reign, No Surrender is our cry.

             Back in '69 the rebels came and tried to chase us from our homes

           But they should have known that Ulstermen would never bow to Rome

            We have fought against the rebel foe from Tyronne and from Ardoyne

              And we fought just like our fathers did with William at the Boyne.


               Now take heed you sons of Mary, come and listen to my song

      for there'll come a day when we'll have our way, and drive you back where you belong

           Many times you've tried to take our land, your attempts have been in vain

           For as in the past, we'll fight to the last, till the body's blood does drain.


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Ulster Volunteer

                     Dear friend if you will listen, a story I will tell

                    about a band of loyal men, we all know so well

                       in two world wars they fought and died

                         through blood and sweat and tears

                   to keep us free from tyranny, the Ulster Volunteers.

                 Now the IRA for many years have savaged this fair land

                 with bomb and gun and hatred, they are the devils band.

               They've murdered little children, but their end is drawing near

             for they know they'll never match the men of the Ulster Volunteer.

                       Now the might of Hitler's forces, in 1941

                had conquered all before them, no one could stop the hunt.

            When the British empire stood quite firm, we knew we need not fear

              for we knew the lord was on our side, and the Ulster Volunteers.

                 Now the U, it stands for Ulster, a place of great renown.

                 The V, its stands for Victory, for we will not back down.

                The F, it stands for Freedom, for which we fight till death.

                    When you put them all together you've got UVF.

                   So all you loyal protestants, who listen to my song

                 In England and in Canada, and Scotland or Hong Kong

                   If ever you are troubled, you need never shed a tear

                  for we will march to victory with the Ulster Volunteers.

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Sandy Row

               I have been a wanderer all my life, I'll roam this time no more

                But now I'm sailing back again, back to old Ulster's shores

                To settle down in Belfast town in a place that you all know

               Sure it fills my heart with gladness when I think of Sandy Row.

                When I recall my childhood days, a tear comes to my eye

                    I think of all the brethren on the 12th day of July

                For the music of the bands that day, it sets my heart a glow

              As we marched along together down the streets of Sandy Row

                Now whenever I have settled down, I never more will roam

                 away from dear old Ulster, for it is my home sweet home

                  I'll get myself a little house, my children there will grow

                  With all my loyal brethren in the streets of Sandy Row.

                 And now my song is finished and my head I will lay down

                I am proud that I am loyal to the Red Hand and the Crown

                  The people that will meet me now, for off this ship I go

                  will be the people that I love, who live in Sandy Row.

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I am seeking  the complete lyrics for this song please send them to me!

So far there are two versions! 

The Billy Boys  I
Hello! Hello! (bellowed loudly)
We are the Billy boys
Hello! Hello!
You'll know us by our noise
We're up to our necks in Fenian blood
Surrender or you'll die
'Cause we are the Billy Billy Boys
(repeat until arrested)

We are the Billy Boys 2

Hurrah! Hurrah! We are the Billy Boys;
Hurrah! Hurrah! We make a lot of noise;
We're up to here, we never fear - we all are Billy's sons,
We are the Glasgow Billy Boys.

We belong to Glasgow we're Orange and we're true
Scotland is our countr-ee our colours white and blue
We're Protestants and proud of it we're known near and far
Glasgow Billy Boys they call us.

On the 12th day of July you'll find us in the walk
With our brother Orangemen, Sandy, Bill and Jock
Billy is our hero, he beat them at the Boyne
Glasgow Billy boys they call us.

We believe in Freedom, we won our right that day
At the Battle of the Boyne - we're very proud to say.
James he was defeated - Justice had been done
Raise now a glass to King William.

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Send Me your comments! Send e. Mail! Unless otherwise indicated songs are from either ( see ABC notation for citation:)
Lilliburlero!,Vol.2,The Ulster Society,1988
or: The Orange Lark,Second Edition,The Ulster Society,1987 or the Orange Senmtenal.
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