Objects Associated with Helen A. Linthicum

Helen Linthicum left many things to many people via her will when she died in 1944. Objects which we can locate will be shown here.

If you know of objects which can be documented as linked to Helen A. Linthicum please send us an e.mail


From the Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore


Dress in the Collection of the Maryland Historical Society

Bodice: Shoulders: 12"

Back, neck-waist: 14"

Underarm-waist: 7"

Bust: 37"


Sleeve, inner seam: 13 1/4"

Collar Height: 2 1/8 " 

Skirt: Waist: 25"

Skirt length, front: 43"

Label- Miss. S. J. Watts, Baltimore Worn by Mrs. J. Charles Linthicum (Helen Perry) 1900

Accession Card:

Dress, Lady's

c. 1900

Light silk, printed, lace, satin, ribbon

Worn by Mrs. J. Charles Linthicum, (Helen Perry) 1866-1944

2pc Bodice: Blue iris in green leaves printed on white ground. Aunt of Mrs. George Vietheer do


Letter and envelope from Towson University Archive


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