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George Washington Enemy of the Bonfire
                           Yes folks, sad but true! The father of our country one of the intolerant! Read what he had to say of the
celebration. Click here. Although this is generally taken as an order to ban the celebration in the army Washington
at this time had no power to inflict his will upon the nation as a whole. Perhaps more searches will uncover
congressional activity along these lines....Scholars have none the less, traced the dissapearance of Pope Day celebrations to
this document. Pope Day was the name given to the celebration of Guy Fawkes Day in the colonies. You can read more
about the colonial celebration at the Celebration in the U.S.A. page link below.

Below you will find the only other reference by Washington to Guy Fawkes Day. He wrote of its celebration
while on a trip to Barbados. Click here.

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Washington Enemy of Bonfire

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The George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress, 1741-1799

George Washington , November 5, 1775, General Orders 

The Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscript Sources, 1745-1799. John C. Fitzpatrick, Editor.--vol. 04

Head Quarters, Cambridge, November 5, 1775.

Parole Montgomery. Countersign Chamblee.

Samuel Huntington, and John Englis, soldiers in the 34th Regt. of foot, tried at a late General Court Martial for "Mutiny"--The Court upon mature consideration, are of opinion that the
Evidence against the prisoners, is not sufficient to convict them ofMutiny, but they are each of them guilty of assisting and encouraging Mutiny, therefore adjudge that each of them pay
a fine of fifteen Shillings, and suffer each of them fifteen days fatigue.

The General approves the Sentence and orders it to be put in execution.

As the Commander in Chief has been apprized of a design form'd for the observance of that ridiculous and childish custom of burning the Effigy of the pope--He cannot help expressing
his surprise that there should be Officers and Soldiers in this army so void of common sense, as not to see the impropriety of such a step at this Juncture; at a Time when we are
solliciting, and have really obtain'd, the friendship and alliance of the people of Canada, whom we ought to consider as Brethren embarked in the same Cause. The defence of the general
Liberty of America: At such a juncture, and in such Circumstances, to be insulting their Religion, is so monstrous, as not to be suffered or excused; indeed instead of offering the most remote insult, it is our duty to address public thanks to these our Brethren, as to them we are so much indebted for every late happy Success over the common Enemy in Canada.

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George Washington diary from barbados referning to celebration of GF day
The Diaries of George Washington. Vol. 1. Donald Jackson, ed.; Dorothy Twohig, assoc. ed. The Papers of George Washington. Charlottesville:
University Press of Virginia, 1976.

     Voyage to Barbados 1751--52
Page 36 

the captain's name, if he had just debarked from it after several weeks on the "fickle & Mirciless Ocean" (p. 69). Also, it is not likely that a vessel arriving in port on 2 Oct. would be
preparing to sail by 6 Oct. MRS. CLARKE & MISS ROBTS.: Mrs. Mary Clarke, wife of Gedney Clarke, and her niece Elizabeth Roberts. TO COME & SEE THE SERPTS. FIR'D: Serpents, or
fireworks discharged in commemoration of Guy Fawkes Day, 5 Nov. This remark enables us to correct the dating of the diary entries made during this period.

(editor's Note: that is he got the date wrong!)

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