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born 5/18/99.

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Taoiseach Fergus von Haushaltsgelt 

Elysium Brigid von Webserver
A.K.C., Longhair, Standard
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    Taoiseach Fergus von Haushaltsgeld
    Taoiseach means "Chieftain"  in Irish Gaelic and is the term used to describe the leader of the Republic of Southern Ireland. "Haushaltsgelt" is German for "housekeeping money" which is literally how  Fergus came to be  purchased with great sacrifice as we suddenly found ourselves Dachshundless following the death of Fritz and Gretchen. Fergus (HM568894/0) came to us from Jennifer and Rita
    Suddarth of Virginia  his date of birth is: March 18,1995. His Parents are:
    Cherryhill's Red Rocketman (HM479814/05 7-95 RD)
    CH Perrydach's Lydia of Willo-Mar (HD433166 12-89 Blk&TN)
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    Elysium Brigid von Webserver
    HM7 25859/07
    Brigid came to us from the Elysium Kennel quite by accident on St.Brigid's day Feb.1 1998 She was born 9/22/97
    Brigid has put a bit of order and excitement into Fergus's life. A few months after their spectacular Dachshund wedding she brought forth a wonderful litter of 9-about which you can read more on these page. She was a wonderful mother and we believe thoroughly enjoyed the experience! We believe strongly in the concept of: Pair-a-dox that is that Dachshunds do best in pairs.We also believe in fullfillment of the lifespan of experiences which includes parenting.  So we say-  Brace Yourself as one Dachshund alone without a playmate is a sad sight indeed! ---And, infact, without two you can not keep your carpets  properly fluffed up!
    Brigid's Parents are:
    CH.Timbar's Bailey, L.
    HM 402525/05

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    We are no longer breeding dogs.

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