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It is easy not to take things seriously and perhaps a bit less  fun too....but.....if one does not draw a road map- from time to time- one becomes lost and being lost is not fun.

Hutman Artcars is dedicated to making sure that all we do contributes to the brightest future for the artcar movement (f any)  as a whole. This often means standing up for principals and working hard to make sure that the best intentions do not cause harm down the way. We must regard negative characterizations of ourselves and our work such as "weird", "crazy", "silly", "strange" etc.. as offensive and out of place. A child told that my art is weird is not likely to be objective when considering to take it up. We can be self-taught, outsider, independent, post-modern, but we are all legitimately artists with equal standing and as respectable as any other artist working in any genre.

We are convinced that the end goal of the artcar philosophy should be a world in which that which we now call artcars can be called cars and those who we now call artists can be known as average citizens.

Everyone should drive an artcar or feel it to be a valid option,  and everyone should take some time out to do art. How can our actions as artcar artists and event producers contribute today, right now to those goals?  We believe in strong local artcar scenes which are self sufficient and self-directed. It is important that artcars are home grown and that all who participate in events can have their individual and varied needs met as a large happy family.  We will work with anyone at any time to make sure that this happens.

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