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My Artcar Contemplations!
It is essential to click here  for the fanfare before reading! The artcar is a new medium- Where are we going? How to remove some of the socio-cultural roadblocks to artcar creation! Readings below! These contemplations have been revisited!
Date of revision- 9/25/12. The original text has been preserved with revisions printed out in purple as in "revision".

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Contemplation 1- The Artcar is the future of the American Automobile-Driving Today! click here
Contemplation 2-What will the neighbors say? Nothing!- Isn't that what they   usually say? Just Create  your  Artcar and live!- click here

Contemplation 3-Artcars Change Lives! Drive one and make the world a better place! Bring on the smiles and inspiration! click here

Contemplation 4-What will the people at work  think?  -They  won't think at all if you don't pay them! Live Free and drive an Artcar! You will feel better and  do better at work! More on this Click here

Contemplation5-The Beauty of the Artcar is that it need not be commercial it need only be-  You!!! Just a car to drive! Click Here

Contemplation 6- Artcars and the Law- be nice to the Police click here

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-Conrad Bladey ©2008, 2012.

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