> The Artcar is a Teaching Resource

Artcars can become the foundation for a multitude of educational experiences.Hutman Artcars Transforms Art
Into a Theater for Learning

Whatever your goals and objectives we can provide a setting which
focuses your students and connects with them.

We have a proven track record of excellence.  We are certified teachers!

You can choose from a number of effective programs or
Have us design a program around your needs.

The Artcar is a theater for learning. Each of our programs comes with
specific goals and objectives as well as high energy fun and motivation for learning.

We provide classes, workshops exhibits and  parades.
We are dependable and highly organized.

Select from a program described below Click here! or call or write us with your ideas and needs. Click here to e.mail   Call: 410-789-0930    Write:Hutman Productions, P.O. 268, Linthicum, Maryland 21090.

              We look forward to your proposal!


Examples of Classes and Workshops we have Presented

Make Your own Car Magnet and Learn about Magnetism and the Elements of Design
A highly successful hands-on class/workshop which combines the study of electricity and magnetism with the elements of design. Students learn about artcars then make their own magnets for the Magnet Truck. Students learn about how magnets work but also of the aerodynamics of artcar design and experience working with the basic elements of design. Shape, color, texture and form combine to create student artworks and  experiences which help to convey specific goals and objectives in a fun filled experience within a new and exciting art form. Students can take home their magnets or arrange them
on the truck to create their own design on wheels.   Great for teamwork and hands on fun.  Don't take our word for it go to a slideshow of an actual class! Click here  We can also create a web presentation for your activity.

Opening Up New Spaces for Self Expression while Returning to The Ancient Roots of Vehicle Design
Desingers of vehicular art have been modifying the surfaces of vehicles for centuries to express themselves and the convey the wishes of their patrons. The origins of the artcar can be seen in the Baroque coaches of the kings and queens of Europe as well as in the caravans of gypsies. Take your pick from a wide range of styles and art forms to express yourself within the surface of an Artcar. Design your own piece of the car and see how conventional surfaces can be modified using the elements of design to create wonderful artworks. Learn how our heritage continues in the cars which are now being produced by the new artcar genre. Combine history with the study of art to have a fun filled learning experience. Then see you artcar drive the streets of the local community. Great for self expression.

Manipulation of Shapes
Turn your pre-literate students loose on an artcar to manipulate geometric shapes and forms.Great fun with a heart of learning and skill development. We provide toys, dolls, shapes of all sizes and textures for students to develop their coordination and skills. Working together and individually a great time is had by all. And then they get to have the positive feedback of seeing their artcar project drive around the community. A good opportunity of enrichment for the little ones.

The Magnet Truck Literacy Project
Hundreds and hundreds of colorful magnet letters on one side and a blank writing are on the other- The Magnet Truck can be a page for creative writing. Learn how to construct sentences then lay them
out on the truck. Other students can then select them to construct essays. After your class is finished  photo document the project and create a lasting record. Then display the work of students as the truck
drives around town. The Magnet Truck provides an exciting hands on classroom for the paperwork of  Language Arts.















Create Your own Artcar or Artcar Exhibit
We are experienced in the production of Artcar events. Design and build your own artcar on site! Bring in artcar artists to exhibit their creations! It is well known that the presence of artcars will bring additional thousands of participants to any event. Have a parade of artcars! Just let us know what you would like to accomplish and we will make it happen.We are known for organization and attention to detail. Leave it to us!   Entirely!  Click here to send e.mail!

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