Let my Droplets Go-

End Drought Conditions Worldwide by Freeing Water Trapped in Pipes!

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How much water is trapped in the pipes of the average home?What about the water trapped in the connecting water systems?What about the water trapped in an entire city?How much is trapped Worldwide?This is all water that is not in the ground,in the air and in the clouds or oceans! Essentially- It is not available to the life giving water cycle! Is it any wonder that the world is now suffering from droughts and global drying?Someday if human expansion continues all of the world's available water will be trapped in manmade pipes- and it will never rain again!Click here for a solution!


The Solution is Freeing Water from Captivity- It was never meant to be kept in pipes! 
Water was created to be a part of the Water cycle.
It pools up on land, evaporates, forms clouds and then falls back to the earth as rain. It can not do this when contained in pipes!  Therefore there is less water available for rain- and there is less rain- hence more droughts! Years ago water was kept in wells and brought by hand from springs. We have strayed from this ecologically sound method of water use to lock away the water from the life giving water cycle.  If we don't need the water that we keep in pipes why do we keep it from the earth? We should only take what we need as we need it!
Municipal authorities tell us that the way to save water is to keep it locked away from the water cycle in pipes. Don't turn your taps on. Don't let the water out to take part in the cycle! How wrong could they be! How far will their control of water go? Of course they tell us to keep water in captivity- they have a monopoly on it and depend on it for income to pay their inflated paychecks! It is time for you to connect your congressional delegation and have them look right into this- I bet they don't even know how much water is trapped nationwide!!  Click here to contact your congressional representatives and senators! There is no time to loose! What can you do right now to place more water in the cycle- Just click here to find out.


The Fate of the Water Cycle is in your hands-Right Now!
Below you will see a water tap. It is the happy tap representing the release of water  from human captivity and a dawning of a new day for the life giving water cycle! If all of your taps look like this we will eventually see an end to drought and new prosperity in our crops.Take action today!
Return water to wells.  Put it into ponds and haul it in when you need it!
The Life Giving water cycle will thank you by providing you with water in the future! 
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