Cards For Learning How to Do The Wassail!
And Disclose its Mystery!
Bring the tradition to life
   Create Events!
Its a way of passing tradition through eye of the ear's needle in small bits so it can cross over and be installed in the soul of the brain!

Samuel Clemens Linwood Wrote: I just got my Wassail Cards... I love them!
Great for Classroom Use!
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Wassail can be many things, but at its core it is a threshold-crossing ritual which discloses a structure in the dark folkloric world and then facilitates navigation around it for the common good. The structure is the unfortunate division of cultural groups.  Through the rituals those in need could enter in and be helped to get through tough times.  The upper classes benefited through the survival of the workforce.  The lower classes would not have to beg--they performed roles in the rituals.  As the song goes: “we are not beggars but we are neighbor children who you have known before.” This disclosure and crossing is the subject of Dickens Christmas Carol.

Many rituals have been attached to wassail’s central core over the centuries: The Mummers Play, Twelfth Night, Blessing the Apple Orchards, Wassailing Door to Door, Wassailing the Animals, or House Visitation are a few. Today wassail is also used for community development, tourism, and fund-raising. Add to these your own-the more the merrier! Just remember to preserve and strengthen the core foundation--Threshold Crossing.

Try using these cards to convey the depth and importance of the wassail mystery.  It is ancient and works on many levels.  Entertainment is just one! Through reading and action, meditation and comprehension the mysteries of wassail can live and function for the common good as the dark folkloric world is disclosed and the wonder is complete!

  1. Rearrange the cards to structure a program.
  2. Hand them out for people to read to each other. Discuss, search for meaning.
  3. Copy and place on tables for reading.
  4. Use your imagination! -Add in your own cards.
  5. Just read and be amazed!

  • 5X8 Notecards-142
  • Laminated Covers
  • Book Ring Bound
  • Can Be Re-Arranged

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