Explore one of Ireland's Most Amazing Seasonal Celebrations!

Saint Stephen and the Wren


How and why do the Irish Celebrate St. Stephen's Day December 26 ?

A Complete Guide to Saint Stephen, the Wren and St. Stephen's Day Celebrations, Folklore, History and Customs. Wonderful for Children as well as Adults An Important Sourcebook for Classroom Use.

Rediscover Your Heritage-Feed Your Roots!
-Ancient Celtic Traditions
-Wren Songs and tunes
-The Wren Boys and their Processions
-The Life and Tales of Saint Stephen Proto Martyr
-Traditional Songs
-Poetry and Literature
-A St. Stephen's Day Mummers Play
-Folklore of the Wren The King of All Birds
-Learn how to Celebrate St. Stephen's Day
-Recipes for your Celebration
-Crafts for the Children

You will no longer think about Wrens  in the same way again!
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