My name is Slim and I am here with 
my two doggies Mocha and Chai to  talk
with you about ourselves and our creator.
We are statstirs and we are hand crafted
from wooden stirrers by Conrad Bladey.
Statstir  is a copyrighted name derived from 
Statue and Stirrer.  Today we have been
photographed as we were sun bathing on
Conrad's scanner. Soon we shall have our
photos in 3 dimensions available. To learn more
about us and about Statstirs click here


We Statstirs can be made into 
almost any form. We look a lot
ike abstract steel sculptures, some
say we look like ancient Native American art
 or Matisse Cut-Outs.We can be colored or
painted black to look like metal.

Let your imagination be your guide!
One thing is certain we are fun to
make and fun to look at! 
We can't wait till our good photos are ready!
We Statstirs want to come to your event!
We can be made by children from the
4th grade on up.

Our creator Mr. Conrad Bladey would be glad to bring us to life at your event.
 For more information contact us at our e.mail

clck here.

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