The Oral Tradition-Our First Means of Recording

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How do I stay alive? How do I live with people? Who was my grandfather? What is my country? Who are the enemies? What happened last week? Who am I and what am I? That was a great song! How did it go? Do you remember when?

All questions answered by the oral tradition as much as we answer them with recording machines. The need to remember has always been with us and we have put a lot of effort into remembering and replaying.

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To explore the difficulties of the oral tradition as a means of recording try these exercises.

1. Find a recording of a song that you have never heard.

2. See how many times you have to play it over until you can sing it perfectly yourself

3. Gather a group of people- around 20. Have them sit in a circle. Whisper the first verse of the song into the ear of the first one and ask them to pass the verse from one to the other around the circle. Ask the last person to recite the verse that they heard.

4. How does the oral tradition effect accuracy? Is the oral tradition an efficient means of recording?

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