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History Edison Amberola 50

  The Model 50  has two springs to allow 5 cylinders to be played at each winding.

In 1915 Edison consolidated the Amberolas into three lines. They were named after  their cost in dollars.  The 30 sold for $30, the 50 for $50, and the 75 for $75. The model 30 was the most popular. Later the Model 60 and the floor model 80, made in 1928 were produced.

Edison's Blue Amberol Records were introduced  in 1912. A new variety of reproducers were created to make the sound more accurate.  Starting with the Amberolas  30, 50 &: 75 in 1915 the Diamond C was created. These used a diamond stylus and  a diaphragm of rice paper and cork.


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History of the Period- 1915
* January 13 – An earthquake (6.8 in Richter scale) in Avezzano, Italy - 32.610 dead
* January 19 - George Claude patents the neon discharge tube for use in advertising.
* January 19 - German zeppelins bomb the cities of Great Yarmouth and King's Lynn in the United Kingdom for the first time, killing more than 20.
* January 21 - Kiwanis International is founded in Detroit, Michigan.
* January 27 - United States Marines occupy Haiti.
* January 28 - An act of the United States Congress creates the United States Coast Guard.
* January 31 - World War I: Germany uses poison gas against Russians.
* February 8 - The controversial film The Birth of a Nation by D.W. Griffith premieres (Los Angeles, California).
* February 12 - In Washington, DC the first stone of the Lincoln Memorial is put into place.
* March 3 - NACA, the predecessor of NASA, is founded.
* March 14 - World War I: Off the coast of Chile, the Royal Navy sinks the German battleship SMS Dresden.
* March 14 - Britain, France and Russia agree to give Constantinople and the Bosporus to Russia in case of victory (the treaty is later nullified by the Bolshevik revolution)
* March 18 - World War I: British attack on the Dardanelles fails.
* March 19 - Pluto is photographed for the first time but was not recognized as a planet.
* April 22 - World War I: Second Battle of Ypres - German troops introduce poison gas at Ypres, Belgium.
* April 24 - Turkish troops attack the Armenian region of Van, starting the Armenian Genocide. In Constantinople, Turkish officers round up 300 ethnically Armenian intellectuals and execute them
* April 25 - The Anzac tradition begins during World War I with a landing at Gallipoli on the Turkish coast.
* April 30 - Australian submarine AE2 sunk in Sea of Marmora.
* May 7 - World War I: The RMS Lusitania is sunk by a German U-boat killing 1,198.
* May 9 - World War I: Second Battle of Artois - German and French forces fight.
* May 17 - The last British Liberal Party government (Herbert Henry Asquith) falls.
* May 22 - Quintinshill railway disaster, Scotland, UK. 200 killed.
* May 23 - World War I: Italy joins the Allies after they declare war on Austria-Hungary.
* June 9 - U.S. Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan resigns over a disagreement regarding his nation's handling of the RMS Lusitania sinking.
* June 16 - Foundation of the British Women's Institute
* June 24 - The steamer Eastland capsizes in Chicago, and over 800 people die.
* June 29 – Roger Casement is sentenced to be hanged for treason
* August 5 – 23 - hurricane over Galveston and New Orleans – 275 dead
* August 6 - World War I: Battle of Sari Bair begins - The Allies mount a diversionary attack timed to coincide with a major Allied landing of reinforcements at Suvla Bay.
* August 17 - Jewish American Leo Frank is lynched for the alleged murder of a 13-year-old girl in Atlanta, Georgia.
* September 6 - The first prototype tank is tested for the British Army for the first time.
* October 12 - World War I: British nurse Edith Cavell is executed by a German firing squad for helping Allied soldiers escape from Belgium.
* Alfred Wegener proposes the theory of Pangea.
* Emory College is rechartered as Emory University, and plans to move its main campus from Oxford, Georgia to Atlanta.
* U.S. recognizes government of President Venustiano Carranza of Mexico.
* Lord Beaverbrook buys the London Daily Express.
* Automobile speed record of 102.6 m.p.h. set at Sheepshead Bay, N.Y.. by Gil Anderson driving a Stutz.
* The first stop sign appears in Detroit, Michigan.
* Female suffrage in Denmark and Iceland
* Henri Desiré Landru begins his serial kills
* Typhoid Mary isolated

Ongoing events

* World War I (1914-1918)
* Armenian Genocide (1915-1918)
* Hellenic Holocaust (1914-1922)


* January 14 - Mark Goodson, game show producer and television pioneer (d. 1992)
* January 20 - Ghulam Ishaq Khan, President of Pakistan
* January 24 – Robert Motherwell, American abstract expressionist painter (d. 1991)
* January 31 - Thomas Merton, monk and author (d. 1968])
* February 1 – Artur London, Czech statesman (d. 1986)
* April 4 - Muddy Waters, blues musician (d. 1983)
* April 7 - Billie Holiday, jazz and blues singer
* May 1 - Krystyna Skarbek, heroine of WW II (d. 1952)
* May 1 - Archie Williams, American athlete
* May 6 - Orson Welles, American director (Citizen Kane)
* May 20 - Moshe Dayan, Israeli military leader, politician (d. 1981)
* August 22 - Hugh Paddick, British actor (d. 2000)
* November 11 - William Proxmire, former U.S. Senator
* December 7 - Eli Wallach, actor
* December 12 - Frank Sinatra, American entertainer
* December 19 - Edith Piaf, French singer


* January 15 - Mary Slessor, Scottish Christian missionary to West Africa (b. 1848)
* February 5 - Ross Barnes, baseball player
* March 31 - Wyndham Halswelle, British runner
* April 23 - Rupert Brooke, poet
* July 16 - Ellen G. White, prophetess, co-founder of Seventh-Day Adventism
* September 9 - Albert Spalding, baseball player and sporting goods manufacturer
* October 12 - Charles Sorley, poet
* November 15 - Booker T. Washington, African-American educator

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Music at the time of the Amberola 50

* Tom Brown Tom Brown, sometimes known by the nickname Red Brown (June 3, 1888 - March 25, 1958), was an early New Orleans jazz trombonist. He also played string bass professionally. Tom P. Brown was born in Uptown New Orleans, Louisiana. His younger brother Steve Brown also became a prominent professional musician. He played trombone with the bands of Papa Jack Laine and Frank Christian; by 1910 usually worked leading bands under his own name. The band played in a style then locally known as "hot ragtime" or "ratty music". In early 1915 his band was heard by Vaudeville dancer Joe Frisco, who arranged a job for Brown's band in Chicago, Illinois.'

Published popular music

* "Alabama Jubilee" w.m. Jack Yellen Jack Yellen (July 6, 1892 - April 17, 1991)
* "All For You" w. Henry Blossom m. Victor Herbert Victor Herbert (February 1, 1859 - May 26, 1924)
* "Along The Rocky Road To Dublin" w. Joe Young Joe Young (born July 4, 1889 in New York City, died April 21, 1939 New York City)
* "America, I Love You" w. Edgar Leslie m. Archie Gottler
* "Araby" w.m. Irving Berlin Irving Berlin (May 11, 1888 - September 22, 1989)
* "Are You From Dixie?" w.m. Jack Yellen & George L. Cobb
* "Are You The O'Reilly? (Blime Me, O' Reilly, You Are Lookin' Well)" Rooney, Emmett
* "The Army Of Today's All Right" w.m. Kenneth Lyle & Fred W. Leigh
* "Auf Wiedersehen" w. Herbert Reynolds m. Sigmund Romberg Sigmund Romberg (July 29, 1887 - November 9, 1951)
* "Babes In The Wood" w. Schuyler Greene & Jerome Kern Jerome David Kern (January 27, 1885 - November 11, 1945)
* "Baby Shoes" w. Joe Goodwin & Ed Rose m. Al Piantadosi
* "Beatrice Fairfax, Tell Me What To Do" w.m. Grant Clarke, Joseph McCarthy, & James V. Monaco James Vincent Monaco (January 13, 1885 - October 16, 1945)
* "Blame It On The Blues" Cooke
* "Canadian Capers" w.m. Gus Chandler, Bert White & Henry Cohan
* "Close To My Heart" by A.B. Sterling
* "Dear Old-Fashioned Irish Songs, My Mother Sang To Me" Bryan, Von Tilzer
* "Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You" w. Thomas Hoier m. James Morgan
* "Down In Bom-Bombay" w. Ballard MacDonald m. Harry Carroll
* "Everything In America Is Ragtime" w.m. Irving Berlin
* "Fascination" w.m. Harold Atteridge & Sigmund Romberg Sigmund Romberg (July 29, 1887 - November 9, 1951)
* "Gasoline Gus And His Jitney Bus" Gay, Brown
* "Georgia Grind" w.m. Spencer Williams Spencer Williams (October 14, 1889 - July 14, 1965)
* "The Girl On The Magazine Cover" w.m. Irving Berlin Irving Berlin (May 11, 1888 - September 22, 1989)
* "Hello Frisco!" w. Gene Buck m. Louis A. Hirsch
* "Hello Hawaii, How Are You?" w. Bert Kalmar
* "The Hesitating Blues" w.m. W. C. Handy William Christopher Handy (November 16, 1873 - March 28,
* "I Can Beat You Doing What You're Doing Me" w.m. Clarence Williams
* "I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier" w. Alfred Bryan m. Al Piantadosi
* "I Love A Piano" w.m. Irving Berlin
* "I Wish I Was An Island In An Ocean Of Girls" w. Henry Blossom m. Victor Herbert V
* "I'd Rather Be A Lamp-Post On Old Broadway" Benjamin Hapgood Burt
* "If I Can't Sing The Words, You Must Whistle The Tune" Hermann Darewski
* "If We Can't Be The Same Old Sweethearts" w. Joe McCarthy m. James V. Monaco
* "I'm Simply Crazy Over You" w. William Jerome
* "In A Monastery Garden" m. Albert William Ketèlbey Albert
* "Ireland Is Ireland To Me" w. Fiske O'Hara & J. Keirn Brennan m. Ernest R. Ball
* "It's Tulip Time In Holland" w. Dave Radford m. Richard A. Whiting
* "I've Been Floating Down The Old Green River" w. Bert Kalmar
* "I've Gotta Go Back To Texas" Irving Berlin
* "Just Try To Picture Me (Back Home In Tennessee)" w. William Jerome m. Walter Donaldson
* "The Ladder Of Roses" w. R. H. Burnside m. Raymond Hubbell
* "The Little House Upon The Hill" w. Ballard MacDonald & Joe Goodwin m. Harry Puck
* "Love Is The Best Of All" w. Henry Blossom m. Victor Herbert
* "Love, Here Is My Heart" w. Adrian Ross m. Lãu Silésu
* "The Magic Melody" w. Schuyler Greene m. Jerome Kern
* "Memories" w. Gustave Kahn m. Egbert Van Alstyne
* "Molly Dear It's You I'm After" w. Frank Wood m. Henry E. Pether
* "M-O-T-H-E-R" w. Howard Johnson m. Theodore F. Morse
* "My Little Girl" w. Sam M. Lewis & William Dillon m. Albert Von Tilzer
* "My Mother's Rosary" w. Sam M. Lewis m. George W. Meyer
* "My Sweet Adair" w.m. L. Wolfe Gilbert & Anatole Friedland
* "Neapolitan Love Song" w. Henry Blossom Jr m. Victor Herbert
* "Nola" m.Felix Arndt
* "Norway" by Joe McCarthy
* "On The Beach At Waikiki" w. G. H. Stover m. Henry Kailimai
* "Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag" w. George Asaf m. Felix Powell
* "Paper Doll" w.m. Johnny S. Black
* "The Perfect Song" w. Clarence Lucas m. Joseph Carl Breil
* "Please Keep Out Of My Dreams" w.m. Elsa Maxwell
* "Ragging The Scale" w. Dave Ringle m. Edward B. Claypole
* "Railroad Jim" by Nat H. Vincent
* "She's The Daughter Of Mother Machree" w. Jeff T. Branen m. Ernest R. Ball
* "Siam" w. Howard Johnson m. Fred Fisher
* "So Long Letty" by Earl Carroll
* "Some Little Bug Is Going To Find You" w. Benjamin Hapgood Burt & Roy Atwell m. Silvio Hein
* "Some Sort Of Somebody" w. Elsie Janis m. Jerome Kern
* "Song Of The Islands" w.m. Charles E. King
* "That Hula Hula" w.m. Irving Berlin
* "There Must Be Little Cupids In The Briny" Jack Foley
* "There's A Broken Heart For Every Light On Broadway" w. Howard Johnson m. Fred Fisher
* "There's A Little Lane Without A Turning On The Way To Home Sweet Home" w. Sam M. Lewis m. George W. Meyer
* "Underneath The Stars" w. Fleta Jan Brown m. Herbert Spencer
* "We'll Have A Jubilee In My Old Kentucky Home" w. Coleman Goetz m. Walter Donaldson
* "When I Get Back To The USA" w.m Irving Berlin
* "When I Leave The World Behind" w.m. Irving Berlin
* "When Old Bill Bailey Plays The Ukulele" w.m. Charles McCarron & Nat Vincent
* "When You're In Love With Someone" w.m. Grant Clarke & Al Piantadosi
* "Which Switch Is The Switch, Miss, For Ipswich?" David, Barnett & Darewski
* "You Can't Mend A Broken Heart" by Shelton Brooks
* "You Know And I Know" w. Schuyler Greene m. Jerome Kern
* "You'll Always Be The Same Sweet Girl" w. Andrew B. Sterling m. Harry Von Tilzer

Hit recordings

* "Carry Me Back To Old Virginia" by Alma Gluck
* "It's A Long Way To Tipperary" by John McCormack
* "I Didn't Raise My Boy to be a Soldier" by Morton Harvey

Classical music

* Claude Debussy - En blanc et noir


* Umberto Giordano - Madame Sans-Gene
* Scott Joplin - Treemonisha

Musical theater

* Bric-A-Brac London production
* Hip-Hip-Hooray Broadway production
* The Passing Show Of 1915 Broadway production
* Stop! Look! Listen! Broadway production
* Tonight's The Night London production
* Very Good Eddie Broadway production
* Ziegfeld Follies Of 1915 Broadway production


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The amberola was the last of the cylinder disk lines. Later flat disks were produced. Why do you think this transition occurred?

Amberola phonographs required less winding but still, cylinders would have to be changed every 4 minutes. How does that compare to the time that a flat disk would play?

Amberolas were produced in several configurations. The exact same hardware was put into different cases. What does this say about American consumer culture?

Take a look at the music of the time. From the titles of the songs - Determine how popular music was the same as it is today. How was it different?

Amberola machines did not come with styluses which could record on wax cylinders as did earlier models. In fact if you play a wax cylinder on an amberola it would be destroyed. Why would edison eliminate the recording feature? What does this say about the development of the recording industry?

What does this say about the way phonographs were used in the home?



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