Reviewing What you have Learned
Lesson 5 "Pop Quiz"
Goals and Objectives for Lesson 5:
Upon successful completion of the lesson the student will have an understanding
of Pub Culture, its many Cultural dimensions, and functions so that they
will be able to appropriately make use of these cultural centers for dining, recreation and entertainment. The Student will have a comprehension of the many varieties of
Irish folklore and sport so that appropriate folklore and sporting activities can be selected to meet student's individual needs.

Tips for Successful Active Learning
The easiest way to master course information is to put it to active use. This is done by
making craft projects and recipes.  Tell the short tales presented in class to a friend and
discuss the material covered in conversation. If you can talk about a topic you can generally
be sure that you have mastered the topic! When you make the recipes, and crafts and when
you tell the short tales, you are not only learning but you are bringing culture to life both for
yourself and for others. Give it a try today! Be sure to bring any questions that might come
up to class.

This script will automatically check your answers for you. See how good you are at these questions; if you get more than seven, move on!

 Objective: answer 7 questions correctly. JavaScript required!

1. WARM-UP: The Colors of the Leprechaun are?

Green and Orange
Green and White
Red and Blue
Orange and Purple

2.The Saloon Bar is the part of the Pub set aside for?

Formal Events
Drinking and casual/work clothes/conversation.

3.The Lounge Bar portion of the Pub is set aside for?

Informal dress and conversation.
Receptions, Formal Dress/Conversation/Official Meetings, Dances...

4.The Creamy Nature of Draught Stout is due to?.

The Use of the 2 gas system
Inclusion of Oyster shell in the brew.
Inclusion of Foaming agents in the brew
Injection of Oatmeal syrup

5. Guinness Stout is also known as Porter Why?:

Because it traveled well
Because it was carried by porters on their heads.
Because it was a favorite of Billingsgate and Covent Market Porters in London.
Because it was served by porters on the Pullman Rail cars

 6.Swannage Board is?

A Cheese board
A shuffleboard like game played with pennies on tables with a chalk board.
The Board on the edge of the Bar
The Board of Directors of a Pub

7.Psychologists say that Irish Men drink because?

They are genetically prone to abuse
The Catholic Church makes children drink from an early age.
Alcohol is not expensive enough.
Cultural factors which exclude men from interaction and stress the role of alcohol in association with hospitality and fasting.

 8.The stories of the little people of Ireland?

Scientific Studies by the Peasants.
Are a compilation of themes and attributes of all periods of Irish Civilization dating from the Mesolithic.
Recent Inventions
Devoid of Cultural meaning

9.The Musical Pub "session" is.

A chance for those interested in learning how to play traditionally to gather and practice.
Time for drinking.
A Dance
A Concert

 10.Potin is?:

A strong Ale
A local Cider
Clear liquor distilled using the small pot still.

A few things to do for Extra Credit!

1. Survey a neighborhood of a city for bars and pubs. Once located make a tour route of pubs and visit them with a few friends and perhaps a designated driver.
See if you can pick up on the pub's "culture". What entertainment is available.
As the bartender how the pub changes from time to time throughout the day.

2.What is your favorite Irish Beer or Whiskey? Purchase a wide range
of beers and whiskeys and hold a tasting. Which would you invest in on
a night out- or on a trip to Ireland? Click here for some assistance

3.Review Irish folk tales and learn a few tales and  phrases. Take them out to dinner or to the pub and tell them to others. Note the reaction  as you bring some classic folklore to life. Get stories here: click here

4.As you plan your journey to Ireland annotate your route with a bit of pub research. Even if you are on a package bus tour you can note pubs on route
and then be ready to nip around the corner at a moment's notice to take
advantage of a spectacular pub! Most travel guides have pubs recommended-
pay special attention to the ones which are not listed in each guide!

Now! You should be on your way! Cook those recipes and tell those tales!
Put a little life into the culture and share it with your family and friends.
Please contact me should there be any questions. Send e-mal click here

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