Reviewing What you have Learned
Lesson 3 . "Pop Quiz"
Goals and Objectives for Lesson 3:
Upon successful completion of the lesson the student will know the major periods of Irish Literature and folklore so that they will be able to select appropriate reading material to support their interests in Ireland. Students will be able to recognize the "celtic" aesthetic as expressed in Irish literature.

Tips for Successful Active Learning
The easiest way to master course information is to put it to active use. This is done by
making craft projects and recipes.  Tell the short tales presented in class to a friend and
discuss the material covered in conversation. If you can talk about a topic you can generally
be sure that you have mastered the topic! When you make the recipes, and crafts and when
you tell the short tales you are not only learning but you are bringing culture to life both for
yourself and for others. Give it a try today! Be sure to bring any questions that might come
up to class.

This script will automatically check your answers for you. See how good you are at these questions; if you get more than seven, move on!

 Objective: answer 7 questions correctly. JavaScript required!

1. WARM-UP: The Ancient Irish Epic is called?: ?

The T/ain b/o Cuailnge
The Iliad
The Fenian Cycle

2.The Greatest hero of ancient Irish literature is?

C/u Chulainn

3.The Fennian Cycle gave birth to?

Historical Narrative
Epic Drama
Saint Tales

4.The Munster Poets?.

Composed Triads
Wrote Epics
Used dramatic poetry to mourn lost leaders.
Proclaimed English Values

5.A Rann is?:

An Epic
A Proverb
A Complex Rhyme
A love poem

 6.A Triad is?

Important Group of three things which go together.
A Riddle
An Epic Tale
A Love Song

7.Finn mac Cumhaill was?

A Druid
A Monk
An Outlaw Warrior
A Famous Chieftain

 8.W.B. Yeats was?

A Dublin "original" author.
A Leader of the 19th century Romantic Irish Literary Revival
A writer of the Gaelic Revival
A Munster Poet

9. Lady Augusta Gregory?

Was Dedicated to making the ancient literature accessible to the public.
Was a Gaelic Author
Was an important Politician
Encouraged English Literature in Ireland

 10.Flann O'Brien...?:

was noted as a Songwriter.
Wrote Epic Literature
Wrote only in English
Created a Synthesis between Celtic and Dublin "Original" writing.

A few things to do for Extra Credit!

1. Go to the Irish Sayings section of the Irish Culture Pages, select a few
sayings or short expressions, learn them and use them in conversation in
the week ahead click here

2. Explore the writing of Flann O'Brien click here

3. Take a look at a wide variety of Irish literature on-line click here

4. If you are planning a trip to Ireland perhaps you would like to select a book
or books to read while traveling. Once you have done so research the places
mentioned or the biography of the author to plan your travel to reach sites
involved. In order to find a good book try this large source of books. Search
under Ireland or under your subject click here .You also can request materials
from the Irish Travel Board concerning travels in "Literary Ireland" click here.

Now! You should be on your way! Cook those recipes and tell those tales!
Put a little life into the culture and share it with your family and friends.
Please contact me should there be any questions. Send e-mal click here

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