Reviewing What you have Learned
Lesson 2. "Pop Quiz"
Goals and Objectives for Lesson 2:
Upon successful completion of the lesson the student will have an understanding
of Irish Gaelic  so that they will be able to use a pronunciation chart to accurately pronounce words and names from Irish texts and know where to find resources for the study of Irish Gaelic. The Student will have an accurate understanding and comprehension of early Irish History from Celtic Times to Henry VIII so that they will be able to identify accurately the major events and their concequenses.

Tips for Successful Active Learning
The easiest way to master course information is to put it to active use. This is done by
making craft projects and recipes.  Tell the short tales presented in class to a friend and
discuss the material covered in conversation. If you can talk about a topic you can generally
be sure that you have mastered the topic! When you make the recipes, and crafts and when
you tell the short tales you are not only learning but you are bringing culture to life both for
yourself and for others. Give it a try today! Be sure to bring any questions that might come
up to class.

This script will automatically check your answers for you. See how good you are at these questions; if you get more than seven, move on!

 Objective: answer 7 questions correctly. JavaScript required!

1. WARM-UP: The Civilization most closely associated with sprits of nature?: ?

Bronze Age
Iron Age

2.Cernunnos was the_________?

horned god of the deer
a spring good
the great god
the winged god

3.The Dagda is an example of?

A god of a natural form
a Hero
a Saint
A Multivalent or all powerful god of a region.

4.The Bronze Age inspired a literature of?.

Heroes and Deeds
Political Epics

5.The Fili were?:


 6.The Brehon Law of the Celts was?

An Interpreted Law
A Codified Law

7.The Tuatha de Dannan were?

Evil Witches
a Tribe of Super Heroes

 8. The Normans..?

Dominated Celtic Society
Brought roads and churches to Ireland
Replaced Gaelic with French
Destroyed the Irish Church

9The Irish Monastic Churches brought.....

Markets and City development.
Political Domination of Rome
Isolation and decline
Destruction of Celtic Society

 10.When Henry VIII defeated the Irish Chieftains he...?:

Killed them all
Took their lands
Made sure they became English
Gave their lands and local freedoms back.

A few things to do for Extra Credit!

1. Go to the Ancient Irish Literature section of the Irish Culture Pages and
    read an ancient Celtic tale click here

2. Read More about Megaliths click here

3. The Archaeology of Ancient Ireland click here

4. If you are planning a trip to Ireland it is time to start looking into
what you may wish to purchase. Obtain a list of local import shops and go window shopping to note availability and prices. Contact the Irish Tourist Board via toll- free:1-800-buy-irel and obtain a catalog of Irish Shops in the USA. Consult tourist
books concerning the best places to purchase the items you seek.

Now! You should be on your way! Cook those recipes and tell those tales!
Put a little life into the culture and share it with your family and friends.
Please contact me should there be any questions. Send e-mal click here

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