Reviewing What you have Learned
Lesson 2  . "Pop Quiz"
Goals and Objectives for Lesson 2 :
Upon successful completion of the lesson the student will know the major periods of Irish art so that they will be able to select appropriate artwork to support their interests in Ireland. Students will be able to recognize the "celtic" aesthetic as expressed in Irish Art when they encounter it in their reading and travels.

Tips for Successful Active Learning
The easiest way to master course information is to put it to active use. This is done by
making craft projects and recipes.  Tell the short tales presented in class to a friend and
discuss the material covered in conversation. If you can talk about a topic you can generally
be sure that you have mastered the topic! When you make the recipes, and crafts and when
you tell the short tales you are not only learning but you are bringing culture to life both for
yourself and for others. Give it a try today! Be sure to bring any questions that might come
up to class.

This script will automatically check your answers for you. See how good you are at these questions; if you get more than seven, move on!

 Objective: answer 7 questions correctly. JavaScript required!

1. WARM-UP: Cirvolinear art differs from the art of the Greeks because it ?

Is More Realistic
Uses the Motion of Circles and spirals rather than of angular geometry.
Contains only Geometric Objects
Is Naturalistic Cycle

2.The Greatest work of the Insular La Tene is?

The Book of Kells
The Book of Dun Cow
The Book of Lismore
The T/ain

3.The First and Geometric phase of Celtic art is called?

La Tene

4.In La Tene Art.....

Artists Stuck to Realistic Greek Models
Artists stuck to lines dots and dashes
The Plastic Style emerged to pull optical allusions into 3 dimensions
Realism dominated with Natural forms prevailing.

5.The Book of Kells was?:

An Accurate text for Reading
A Gospel designed to be Art Work
A Book for a Private Library
A Genealogy of Kings

 6Tension in Celtic Art...?

Caused the artwork to seem unbalanced and to move.
Kept the artwork balanced and stable.
Made the art look stretched out.
Created Human Images of Terror


Created Perfect and Accurate Natural Images.
Made the words of the text optional.
Created Animals and Plants which looked at first glance to be real but which were on closer inspection quite impossible.
Caused the Artist to blur the pagan and Christian.

 8 In relation to Celtic Art the Ideal was....?

Entirely Christian
Entirely Pagan
Seldom followed
The property of a piece which created a wholeness out of many different parts.

9.Celtic Illuminated Manuscripts were composed by....?

Solitary Monks
The Nobility
Schools of Artisans working from a pattern sketched out geometrically by a master artist.
Unschooled folk artists in free form style.

 10.In contrast to Celtic Art Viking art is.......?:

Stiff, cold, and pretzel like.
More Natural
More Impressionistic
Devoid of Curvilinear qualities.

A few things to do for Extra Credit!

1. Obtain a copy of A Beginner's Manual,  or Knotwork: the  Secret method of the Scribes  by Aidan Meehan (Thames and Hudson) or Bain, George. Celtic Art-The Methods of Construction., Dover, New York,1973. Use these books to create your
own Celtic designs! Feel the movement  of the art!

2. Contact your  local art museum and  ask the curator to tell you which items in the  collection are Irish. Perhaps  you can arrange a special viewing of some which
are not generally on view!

3.If you are planning a trip to Ireland now is a good time to find out the
opening hours of museums and galleries along your route. There is no
such thing as standard hours. You can request this information from the Irish Tourist Board.

4.As you tour Irish Shops in the USA look for reproductions of Irish Art
on Sale. You will find the Book of Kells, The Tara Brooch and other works
to be popular. Note their names and find out where you might view the originals
in Ireland. Track them down on your tour. Also- note the prices and qualities
of the reproductions- you might just find the best value close to home!

Now! You should be on your way! Cook those recipes and tell those tales!
Put a little life into the culture and share it with your family and friends.
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